I love me some Braun

Well Ryan Braun had a good week today. In the Crew’s first spring training game of the year he finished 4-5 with two home runs, including a grand slam, a double and seven RBIs. Obviously it’s only one spring training game, but if he hits anything remotely close to this he’ll make the team even if he can’t field a grounder to save his life.

By the way, “I love me some Braun” narrowly edged out “What can Braun do for you?” and “Braun, Braun, Keep Turnin’ Up the Heat!” for the title of this post. All three courtesy of the game thread at brewerfan.

A couple highlights from members at that thread:

  • OH MY GOD BRAUN! Umm… I’m ready for the season now.
  • In the chat room before the game, I predicted that Braun would go 4-4 today with two bombs and six rbi’s. I was close. He’s got 8 rbi’s.
  • I really like the way Braun responds to making an error.
  • I adjusted my fantasy draft board
    1. Santana
    2. Pujols
    3. Braun
  • 1. Braun
    2. Braun
    3. Chuck Norris
    4. Braun
    5. Braun
    There’s my top 5.
  • Two homers, four hits, and a throw into the dugout…meet Ryan Braun.

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