Milwaukee Brewers: Your NL Central Favorites?

I’m not sure how I feel about it, but the Brewers continue to be a trendy pick for the playoffs. Within the past week, two more major publications have picked the Crew to win the Central. Brewer fans aren’t really used to this.

Baseball America just released their predictions for this season, and they have the Crew on top. Jim Callis has had high praise for the Brewers for a while, and they have apparently done enough in his eyes to put them over the top. Gotta love his fifth place slot for the Cubbies too.

Baseball Prospectus released these projections for the NL Central the other day.

          W  L  RS  RA   AVG  OBP  SLG
Brewers   85 77 789 748 .266 .335 .446
Cubs      84 78 828 792 .275 .337 .460
Cardinals 81 81 731 735 .261 .331 .417
Astros    79 83 760 783 .260 .332 .434
Pirates   76 86 752 804 .271 .331 .432
Reds      72 90 744 829 .259 .331 .424

This looks pretty close to me, as the general thought is that right now there are no great team in the NL Central. Of course one could emerge, and if the Brewers stay healthy (what team isn’t saying that right now?) they could be that team.  I’ve always felt that 2008 is the year that the Brewers will be a championship threat, but 07 seems to be a down year in the Central for whatever reason.  I guess there’s no reason not to do it this year.


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