Clark traded for Dessens

The Brewers sent outfielder Brady Clark to the Dodgers today for middle reliever Elmer Dessens. Here’s the link from the Journal Sentinel.

This is hardly a move to get excited about, but it’s a solid trade. Clark simply did not have a role on this year’s team. He was low on the pecking order, behind Hall, Hart, Jenkins, Gross and Mench. I didn’t understand the reasoning behind extending his contract last year, but I guess that’s all a moot point now.

Dessens is a 36 year-old journeyman who has been both a starter and middle reliever. He’ll be used as a middle reliever in Milwaukee. He has pretty much been an average pitcher, which probably holds some value to the Brewers at this point.

The fallout from this deal, as Haudricourt points out, is that one of the bullpen spots is closed for some of the pitchers competing to make the club. It looks like one of Jose Capellan, Greg Aquino and Carlos Villanueva will be the odd man out.

I’m hoping it’s Villanueva that gets sent down, because I’d like to see him starting in Nashville rather than have him lower his workload by pitching out of the pen in Milwaukee. His future is as a starting pitcher.

From the sounds of things, though, that won’t be what happens. Cappellan has surprisingly struggled this spring, and he has an option remaining. Normally spring stats don’t mean much at all, but Cappellan pitched as a starter in summer ball. Hopefully this isn’t a symptom of being over-worked.  Right now, though, my guess is that either Aquino or Cappellan is the last cut.


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