Winding Down…

With only a couple days of spring training left, we’re starting to run out of things to talk about. So until Monday, here’s some Brewers-related articles:

A few other notes:

Mark Prior was recalled to AAA. His tumble has been truly amazing. He went from the best pitcher drafted in years to a batting practice-throwing chump in just a few years. He had such a promising career, and if he didn’t play for the Cubs, I’d feel a lot worse about all his injuries.

Uggie Urbina was sentenced to 14 years in prison for attempted murder of workers on his ranch in Venezuela. He was accused of–get this–injuring workers with machetes and pouring gasoline on them. Man, if I had to serve 14 years for attempted murder, I think this might be exactly how I’d go about it. Dan has already tried to strip me of my Ken Griffey Junior Baseball title on N64 from years ago because Urbina was my closer. Tough luck Sikorski, I won that division fair and square. Mo Vaughn and Albert Belle were unstoppable, especially with Scott Kaminiecki and the cut fastball of all cut fastballs behind them.

In the worst kept secret since Jim Halpert told Michael Scott he had a thing for Pam, Ben Sheets was finally named the opening day starter by Ned Yost. I have no idea why Ned kept it quiet for so long (a small part of me was terrified he considered Suppan to be the number one starter because of his “pitchability” or something), but I digress. By the way, Sheets and his wife recently had another son, Miller Bennett Sheets. His first son is named Seaver, after Hall of Fame right-hander Tom Seaver. Sheets said he wanted to name this kid Palmer, after Jim Palmer, but the wifey didn’t go for it. Either way, that’s awesome.


One response to “Winding Down…

  1. dan whines about everything. wimp. hah.

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