Sheets vs Zambrano, Take 1

Been looking forward to this matchup all week. If Sheets can just get through the first inning (like how Dave Bush couldn’t yesterday) he should be fine. Here’s to another gem from Ben, and 120 pitches in six innings with six walks and one conniption from the self-proclaimed Big Z. Should be fun.


I’ve got nothing to do, so I’ll update throughout the game. In the mean time, please enjoy this celebratory/good luck montage.

zambrano2.jpg zambrano1.jpg zambrano4.jpg

sheets1.jpg sheets3.jpg sheets2.jpg

-Sheets clean through first. Only a two-out double from Derrek Lee

-Brian Anderson just called Derrek Lee “Carlos.” Oops.

-Zambrano dealing as well, unfortunately. Mows down Weeks and Hardy. And now Prince… Wow.

-This could game could be over in two hours. Sheets and Zambrano both work very quickly.

-Sheets’ curve is breaking really well early, although his fastball seems a little low on velocity at 91-92. That usually picks up as the game goes on.

-De Rosa with an RBI triple after the ump failed to call strike three a strike. Also, Bill Hall has looked completely lost in center the last couple games.

-And now Zambrano with an RBI. Good God.

-Unlike Opening Day, Zambrano seems to be the one on top of his game. Six up six down, four punchouts and hitting 95-96 consistently.

-Sheets 1-2-3. Time to show some sign of life offensively.

-Hey, we get one out of the infield on Counsell’s flyout to center. Baby steps.

-Sheets now cruising as well. This has the making of one of those 3-1 losses where Sheets’ “lack of that winning ability” costs the Brewers a win. That, and their crummy run support.

-Maybe not? After a great at-bat, Weeks hits an absolute moonshot. 2-1.

-Crap, Lee makes a great play and turns a Prince Fielder double into a double play. Oh well, they got one back. On the bright side, Bad Zambrano made his first appearance, walking two. If it wasn’t for Lee the Brewers would have the lead. Also, Zambrano is a fricken tool. He strikes out Jekins in the fourth inning and screams and fist-pumps like he just closed out a playoff game.

-Momentum shift? Sheets had set down nine in a row before a Soriano double. Keep after Zambrano this inning and get him a win.

-I had to post this comment from BucketheadBrigader at brewerfan: “Alright Benny, way to leave that runner stranded. Now do a little dance, point to the sky, and yell and scream a bit before you go back to the dugout.”

-I forgot that the Brewers had their 7-8-9 hitters coming up. Have I mentioned I hate that Craig Counsell plays at third base as much as he does? It’s embarrassing. Play Graffanino more than just against lefties, or just call up Braun.

-Aaaand the wheels falling off. Lee with a weak infield single, then Sheets hangs a curve to Ramirez for a bomb. Two more hits and one more run, and it’s 5-1. Crap.

-Hardy singles, Fielder doubles to get one back. They couldn’t get any more though… Running out of time. 5-2.

-A couple well-placed ground balls off Dessens and the lead is back to four. I hate the Cubs.

-Jenkins launched one into the upper deck to lead off the inning, but then Hart, Counsell and Gwynn go down in order. Counsell and Gwynn–shockingly, i know–weakly grounded out.

-Aquino with a 1-2-3 eighth, which was nice to see after his last outing. Down to crunch time here… Can’t come away empty.

-Bill just said, “Soriano was a pretty good second baseman.” This despite his historically low fielding percentage.

-Brewers pwned by Bobby Howry in the eighth… No chance. Not looking good.

-Daryle Ward amazes me. This guy hits once a game. If he gets a hit, they pinch run for him. If he doesn’t, he’s done. His whole career has been this way. Has he ever started? Edit: Upon looking, he’s had over 400 ABs only twice in his career. And also, he’s only 31? I would have guessed 38.

-Wow, web gem! Hardy is awesome… He just made a diving play and Weeks barehanded it and turned two. That will make Baseball Tonight. Down three going to the ninth… We’ll need some magic against Dempster.

-No such luck. Ball game. They looked completely baffled by Dempster’s off-speed stuff. It’s early, but the offense is looking eerily similar to the abysmal offenses of the past few years. Capuano had his way with the Cubbies last year, and another great start would be nice. Please don’t get swept.



2 responses to “Sheets vs Zambrano, Take 1

  1. Hey, it’s the other Steve in ENG 327. A live blog…I like it, especially since the Cubs won. Sorry, I’m a Chicago fan.

    Anyways, I turned in an application to start writing about sports for the Racquet. I talked to Andrea, and she said that she would send my name along to you. Since we have class together, I figured we talk about getting started then. I just wanted to give you a heads up.

    As I’m writing this, Jenkins and Gross go back to back. Great.

  2. bad game, great blog. i especially like your use of the term ‘pwned’

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