Ned Yost Freaks Out on Easter

It’s “getaway day” for your Milwaukee Brewers, which naturally means that we need to sit as many talented players as possible all at once.

Here’s your lineup for today.

Rickie Weeks 2B
Craig Counsell, 3B
J.J. Hardy SS
Prince Fielder 1B
Geoff Jenkins LF
Gabe Gross RF
Damian Miller C
Tony Gwynn CF
Chris Capuano P

Multiple Choice: What was going through Ned’s head when he made out this lineup card?

A. Chris Capuano didn’t allow a run against the Cubs last year, so all we’ll need is one run.  We’ll hopefully get that in nine innings.

B. We need as much grizzled grittiness as possible to end a losing streak.  The combined playoff experience of Counsell and Miller should get that done.

C. Tony Gwynn Jr’s father was a Hall-of-Famer.  We could use some Hall-of-Fame blood to give us a shot in the arm.

D. Guys have played in three straight games.  Since nobody should get more than 400 ABs, they need to sit out.

E. Yost was thinking all of these things equally.

Gross hasn’t started… so it’s nice to see him in there. But Gwynn? He’s the 25th guy on the team for a reason, and that’s not to start. Put Gross in center and Hart or Mench in right.

I’m liking Hardy’s start to the season, but a three-hole hitter? Ok… (

And for the love of Branyan, Counsell starting at third again?? This lineup is literally half backups.


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