First Road Trip

The Crew starts their first road trip of the season tonight against the Marlins.  Any time we play Florida I think of the 4th of July game a couple years ago when they were managed by crazy Jack McKeon.  Sheets was cruising, and in about the sixth inning he quickly got an 0-2 count on the pitcher. After the 0-2 count, McKeon inexplicably pinch hit for the pitcher with Lenny “The Weapon” Harris.

Harris struck out on the next pitch and looked stunned as he walked back to the dugout. The camera caught McKeon in the dugout slamming his fist in anger. It probably still remains the weirdest in-game managerial move I’ve ever seen watching a game.

Tonight: Suppan vs. Sanchez

Tuesday: Vargas vs. Nolasco

Wednesday: Bush vs. Mitre

Sanchez is tough (had a no-hitter last season) but certainly no tougher than Zambrano, Schmidt or Lowe.  We get our first look at Vargas in the rotation on Tuesday.  Here’s hoping for a series win, but unless they get swept I won’t be too disappointed.

By the way… The Brewers are on the road quite a bit in April, so if they finish the month at .500 I’d be plenty happy.


One response to “First Road Trip

  1. screw the brewers/marlins…i’m just looking forward to the indians/angels at miller park

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