Winning on the Road??

How nice to win the first road series of ’07 after last year’s miserable road record. It was a good day today for the Crew (always nice to pick up two victories in one day). Prince and Jenkins are on fire, Turnbow looks unhittable and Cordero picked up two saves in about 3.5 hours.

A couple things worth mentioning:

-Counsell is sixth on the team in at-bats. If you can’t tell, I will be monitoring this closely. He has more ABs than Hart, Mench, Gross and Graffanino–all better hitters than Craiggers. The best (worst, actually) part is that he has 28 ABs while Graffanino has just 12. Graffy has appeared in just four of nine games this season. Anyone wonder why he wasn’t happy that the Brewers offered him arbitration? Now I know it’s extremely early, so I’m not really saying anything yet. Counsell’s been okay so far, but his recent hot streak only has his batting average up to .250. I’m afraid Yost will wait about a month too long to sit him once he cools off.

-Doug Eddings was atrocious umping behind the plate yesterday. Apparently Brewer fans aren’t the first to think so. Anyways, Eddings’ strike zone was horribly inconsistent. Some innings his strike zone was high. Some innings it was low. It was enough to actually limit my enthusiasm for Vargas tying a career high in strikeouts. Eddings called pitches that were both at hitters’ shins and chest for strikes. Graffanino had a nice at-bat that should have earned him a walk, but instead he got called out on a pitch at his armpits and was tossed. In the eighth, Turnbow threw a breaking ball for a strikeout. It was low by almost a foot. Considering some of his odd behavior and numerous complaints laid out in that blog, it makes you wonder why this guy umps playoff games.

-Brauntracker: 5-20, 1 HR, 4 2b, .600 SLG, .318 OBP, 0 errors
Yotracker: 5 IP, 4 ER, 7 Ks, 7 Hits, 1 BB

-Things are set up perfectly for another series win, as the Brewers will send their top three starters in Sheets, Capuano and Suppan against the Cards. Alone in first by the end of the weekend!


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