Deep Thoughts

  • Ben Sheets has eight strikeouts in 20 innings.  20 innings certainly isn’t anything to get worked up about, but it’s still worth noting.  Sheets’ velocity hasn’t been abnormally low, and his curveball still looks nasty, so he doesn’t appear to have lost anything from his “stuff.”  So far this season, he’s just been missing his spots.
  • My fantasy team is already dangerously close to panic mode.  Yesterday alone, Rich Harden left with “shoulder tightness,” Sheets got lit up and BJ Ryan was put on the DL.  Ryan is off to see “the Tommy John doctor.” Meanwhile Aramis Ramirez is still out with a wrist injury.  I’m about two injuries away from dropping everyone and assembling the “All-Cool Name Team.”
  • I’m really getting sick of FSN Wisconsin’s contractual obligation with the Milwaukee Sucks basketball team (enough that it compelled me to make that awful pun).  After today, only six out of 12 games will have been televised in Wisconsin markets outside of Milwaukee.  You’d think FSN would have some sort of loophole to opt out of their contract if more than one state college team is better than the Bucks.
  • Ryan Braun’s current line in AAA: .343/.425/.886.  Holy crapballs.
  • I don’t mean to diminish what Jackie Robinson meant to baseball and the Civil Rights movement, but thank God this 60th anniversary has come and gone.  You can only take so much media coverage of one issue before you become bitter towards it.
  • Look for Bill Hall to break out tonight against his favorite opponent: A soft-tossing left-hander on the Cincinnati Reds.  Hall’s career OPS against Eric Milton: 1.264.
  • If you haven’t, please do yourself a favor and visit  Joe’s chat wraps have started, and they are hilariously terrible.  See the link in the blogroll.

2 responses to “Deep Thoughts

  1. I just want to say that this lady who does the brewers live postgame show is absolutely horrible. I almost can’t even watch.

  2. i just turned it off. she sucks.

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