Just In Case…

I put a little time into this, and as a result, you get a sneak preview of what my fantasy team will look like if injuries continue to strike me down. All of these players were available free agents in my Yahoo League, so I wouldn’t have a problem getting any of them. Without further ado, I give you the All-Cool Name Team.

C: Yorvit Torrealba

1B: Robby Hammock

2B: Anderson Hernandez (SUCH a badass name)

3B: Marco Scutaro

SS: Yuniesky Betancourt

OF: Andre Ethier

OF: Nook Logan

OF: Termel Sledge

UT: Casey Kotchman

Bench: Alfredo “Amazin'”Amezaga

Bench: Alejandro De Aza

Bench: Reggie Willits

Bench: Ben Zobrist

SP: Rick Vanden Hurk

SP: Matt Chico

P: Kirk Saarloos

P: Dustin Nippert

RP: Wilfredo Ledezma

RP: Ambiorix Burgos


2 responses to “Just In Case…

  1. Needs more Boof Bonser.

  2. Hmm that’s a good call. Didn’t mean to overlook Boof. I was assuming someone had him, but he was indeed a free agent.

    At the same time I guess I was going for a more obscure list. That’s why I omitted Coco Crisp–his cool name is kind of trendy. 🙂

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