Our Backup First Baseman is Damian Miller

Is this embarrassing to anyone else? Obviously Prince needs a day off here and there. That’s not what I have a problem with. My problem is the fact that a fairly light hitting catcher becomes an extremely light hitting first baseman. Brian Anderson just said it’s Miller’s first career start at first, and first appearance at first since 2000!

I know it’s only a handful of games, but don’t the Brewers already have a crowded outfield? Corey Hart was drafted as a first baseman. I know Ned wants to keep guys in one position for their benefit, but I just don’t buy that playing first base once a month is going to make Hart forget how to play right field.

What happens if Fielder (knocking on wood) gets injured? Does Miller play first full time? Graffanino? Counsell?!? I’d certainly hope Hart would move over, but for some reason I’m skeptical.

Anyways, looking ahead to tonight’s game…

I’ll be happy to get five innings out of Claudio Vargas. The Brewers haven’t had a starter go less than five innings all season, which is great. In Florida Vargas racked up the strikeouts, but I don’t expect him to be near that. His high totals were just as much a result of Doug Eddings’ crazy strike zone than Vargas’ stuff. At least Wise will should be available today, because I’ve had enough of the Dessens-Aquino Adventure for a day or two at least.

Maholm is another lefty that Hall crushes. I’m thinking he’ll stay hot. Hardy is on a bit of a cool streak. Hopefully he can do something. The Pirates just swept the Cards, so hopefully they got some winning out of their system for a couple days.

Time to watch the game. I’ll sign out with some props to the Dirtbags, our UW-L softball team who clinched a playoff spot today with a gritty 11-10 victory.


One response to “Our Backup First Baseman is Damian Miller

  1. haha, go dirtbags. and go west salem. so far miller hasn’t botched any plays… but its still the bottom of the first.

    nice call on bill hall, though. right off the top of the wall.

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