The First Chapter of a Strange, Confusing Book

Posted by Dan

Hello noble audience. I am the newest contributing member to this blog. I must warn you, that unlike amatuer journalist and soon to be college grad steve, I attend a tech college working on cars. Try to take that into account when reading my posts and cut me some slack. I thought I would make my first post a quick look at Friday’s game against the Houston Astros (7-6). It features 24 year old Matt Albers making his first start in 2007 and Brewer’s ace Ben Sheets (1-2; 5.85). In 2006 at AAA Round Rock, Albers posted a 10-2 record with a 2.17 ERA and 7.5 K/9. His success at the minor league level bodes well for his future, however, his inexperience at the major league level should (hopefully) cost him on Friday night. Though the season is young, the Crew leads the majors in OPS against right handed pitching (.809) and is third in the league in OPS at home (.821). Look for Sheets to bounce back from his ugly outing in St. Louis (3.58 career ERA at home). I look the Brewers to continue their (early) dominance of the central tomorrow.

Elsewhere, in my main fantasy league, having just completed a trade for Brett Myers I find myself completely stunned by the ridiculous decisions of Charlie Manuel. His decision to move Myers into a middle relief role and archaic Jon Lieber into the rotation is insane. Yes, thats 26 year old ace-of-the-future Brett Myers with 417 strikeouts since opening day 2005. I guess the only thing keeping me from total depression is the fact that, sooner or later, Manuel will either realize what a mistake he has made, or Phillies GM Pat Gillick will realize what a mistake HE has made and fire Manuel. Also, the possibility exists Myers could close if Tom Gordon would break down which would give him a boost in value. Either way, this is NOT what I was expecting when trading for him.


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  1. I sent you the article Friday, but email has been really screwed up so I don’t know if you got it yet. It’s at your university email though. If you want me to send it to another account, just send me a comment and let me know where to send it.

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