Posted by Dan

After last nights disappointing loss (credited to Brian Shouse, but I actually WATCH the games so I will direct my hostility to Greg Aquino) the Crew looks to bounce back tonight as they throw Chris Capuano (2-0, 2.81) vs Wandy Rodriguez (0-1, 2.77). I really expect the Brewers to pull this one off at home despite last nights late inning meltdown followed by near miraculous comeback. In 2006, Rodriguez pitched 15 2/3 innings, covering 3 starts, against the crew and posted an 0-2 record and 5.17 ERA, which was slightly better than his overall 5.64 ERA for the season. Capuano has been strong both at home, and early in the season (3.42 ERA Pre-ASB since 2005), though Houston is 4th in OPS this year against left handers (.853) — The Crew is 8th (.779).


3 responses to “Aquino-ed

  1. I believe that loss went to Wise, as he came out after he missed the bunt. Either way, Aquino sucks.

  2. i can see yost standing by aquino for about 4 too many appearances before capellan comes back…hopefully he doesn’t put yost in a choke hold though when he gets back to milwaukee though for the demotion

  3. well, aquino got sent down… but instead of capellan, it’s spurling. ….we’ll see how that goes. Maybe if Capellan wasn’t being such a douche.

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