It’s kind of sad, but this is uncharted territory

Posted by Steve 

A few interesting statistics for all you Brewer fans out there.

1. This is the latest in the season the Brewers have been in first place since 1998.

2. The Brewers have not had a three-game lead in their division since 1990 when they were in the American League.

I’m not sure how to act right now.  As a fan, I’ve never been in this situation.  All I keep doing is reminding myself that it’s ungodly early, and within a week or so they could be right back at .500.  At the same time, last night I kept thinking, “The Brewers are 13-7… The Brewers are 13-7.”  It was surreal.

More random thoughts:

  • In the NL, the Brewers are fifth in runs scored, first in home runs, fifth in OBP, and third in slugging. “It’s ungodly early… It’s ungodly early.”
  • Ned Yost has schooled Lou Piniella this series.  Just one example: On Monday when I was screaming for him to use Hart over Gross against the lefty, nobody knew that Hart was unavailable to play with a sprained wrist.  Yet, Yost bluffed using him later by sending him to the on-deck circle.  Awesome play.
  • If they get this game in today (crappy weather) I love the chances for a (dare I say?) sweep of the Cubbies at Miller Park South.  The Chubs are in disarray right now, and Sheets is going.  Time to kick them while they’re down.
  • Add Akinori Iwamura and Nick Swisher to the list of my injured fantasy players.  I love this message from Yahoo:

    “You have too many players on the DL adjust roster then submit.”

  • Mike Maddux has been around Ned Yost too often. Maddux, last night in the JS on Suppan: “He’s not rattle-able.” Maddux, on Villanueva: “He’s a quick study.  He’s a pitcher. He doesn’t rely on pure stuff. He relies on command and changing speeds. If you just keep that foundation, it doesn’t matter if you pitch in the first, second, third, 12th or 13th inning.” God, I love the “he’s a pitcher” comment to describe a pitcher.
  • Ned Yost broke his collarbone jogging the other day when he tripped over some rocky sidewalk.  That’s kind of intense. 

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