Oh, this? This is just a random, intangible occurence.

Posted by Steve

I don’t even feel like I should talk about the Brewers right now, as if acting like they aren’t playing great will make it continue. As you were, Wisconsinites. Nothing to see here… Just the same old crappy Brewers. We’re just messing around.

But anyways. It scares me to think that the Brewers already have the best record in the bigs, and they have the Pirates and Nats coming to town. I keep thinking back to last year’s eight-game losing streak which included sweeps by each of these two teams.

On the other hand, it’s a different year and a different team. I like the pitching match-ups this series, and three straight lefties should get Bill Hall going again. There’s no reason to think J.J. Hardy won’t continue to mash either.

I’m expecting to see Good Dave Bush tonight at home coming off a poor start.   Turnbow and Cordero are rested, but it would be nice to give the rest of the pen a day off.  Seven strong from Bush, then Turnbow and Cordero sounds about right to me.

In other news, add Mike Piazza to the list of walking-wounded players on my fantasy team.  With two more injured players than DL spots, I was forced to drop Piazza.  Whatever.  At least I just won the first pick in our fantasy football lottery (LT! LT!).


2 responses to “Oh, this? This is just a random, intangible occurence.

  1. On May 4 you wrote this and it keeps getting better May 8 22-10. If my calculations are right this team can play .500 baseball the rest of the year and will finish with 87 wins. Play .575 here on out and finish with 97 (rounded up). Dare I say keep playing at the same pace of .688 and finish with 111? Only time will tell but lets ride this for all its worth! Go Brewers!

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