Life as we know it will cease to exist…

Posted by Steve

…If Roger Clemens faces Daisuke Matsuzaka this season.  We might as well pencil the Yankees into the playoffs now that they have their 44-year old $28 million savior, but first things first.  Will anyone be able to escape the death grasp of the hype machine if The Rocket ever faces Dice-K?

The sports world pretty much stopped when Clemens melodramatically unveiled himself to adoring fans at Yankee stadium.  Sportscenter devoted its first 15 minutes or so to the story, and prognosticators are already making their predictions on how Clemens will perform in pinstripes.

Once you get past the fact that his name is Roger Clemens, the humor of this signing is evident.  Clemens had a great season last year, but he really isn’t more than a six-inning pitcher at this point.  The Yankees are on pace to destroy their bullpen by August, and they paid someone who has two complete games in the last six seasons a boatload of money.  Take into account his age and his switch to the A.L., and there is no way he’s worth half of the 28 mil, even in baseball terms.  I just don’t see him as a savior the way some do.


3 responses to “Life as we know it will cease to exist…

  1. I was thinking about a Dice-K match up with Clemens earlier today. I just love how we will hear about this now for abour 4 days. Then when he makes his minor league starts SC will go ape shit. That will be nothing compared to his first start though. I love the Yankees….

  2. One of the first things I noticed is that he said he’d be ready in a month, and that at the end of this month or the beginning of the next the Yankees and Red Sox play, and my first thought was, ‘Please, God, don’t let it be Clemens’ return against Disuke Matsuzaka, I like getting news from all of baseball, not three weeks devoted to one freaking game,’ so I completely agree.

  3. in addition to the fact that it’s roger clemens for half a season, it’s always kind of bugged me how much money is thrown around in sports. it’s purely entertainment! it would be cool if we saw in the news that some really good 9th grade teacher who has a GPA+ of 3.9 and a expected-student-income-to-dropout ratio of 3:1 is going to be teaching for 12 million next year.

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