How important is this road trip, really?

Posted by Steve

I’ve heard a lot of people say that this upcoming road trip will “tell us a lot” about the Brewers. That the NL Central is weak, and the Brewers really haven’t played anyone yet. In fact, many articles have been written over the past few days, on both local and national levels, implying that the Brewers still have to prove themselves.

My reaction to that is the Brewers have already told us plenty. I get irritated when people take something away from Milwaukee because they play in a bad division. Can we even tell if the NL Central is a good or bad division yet? They’ve been playing each other for the last three weeks. This doesn’t seem to matter to people though. The AL East has been terrible so far, but you don’t see anyone taking anything away from the Red Sox.

Baseball is not a sport in which to “make a statement,” but that is exactly what so many people still need to see before admitting that a team with a 24-10 record might actually be good. The truth is, the Brewers could fall flat on their faces against NY and Philly and still make the playoffs easily. Just because this trip is in the center-of-the-universe East Coast doesn’t mean these series are any more or less important than the Brewers’ trips to Florida or Houston or Chicago. Sure it would be nice to beat the pants off the Mets and Phillies, but not because it would make a statement.

As far as the Mets series is concerned, I like the way things stack up. While starting pitching match-ups can be deceiving, Suppan vs. Sosa is a decided advantage in the Brewers favor. Same for Saturday with Sheets vs. Pelfrey and Sunday with Capuano vs. Perez. Obviously the Mets can hit a ton, so we’ll see if that makes up for their lack of quality starting pitching (this sentence is the Mets’ season in a nutshell, essentially).

This stretch will be a tough one, with 13 of the next 16 on the road. The .700 winning percentage won’t last much longer, but if they can play .500 baseball from now until the end of May I’ll be very happy.


On a personal note, I finished the last assignment of my college career this afternoon. I am officially done with school. I graduate tomorrow, and while that’s not as big of a deal to me as it is to some, it sure feels great to be finished with all that freaking schoolwork. My senior project just about drove me to the point of no return. Next comes the job hunt… But I don’t have to really worry about that for at least two days.  Ova and out.


2 responses to “How important is this road trip, really?

  1. I had a way longer reply, but norton antivirus froze my computer, telling me “Mozilla firefox is trying to access the internet.” Thats kind of the point. Either way, the gist (jist?) of it was that I would like to see them play NEAR .500 on this roadtrip, just to put last seasons .333 winning percentage totally out of mind (they are 14-6 this season on the road now).
    The other point was (with 19 games left in May) they can go 10-9 and be 34-20 on June 1, which is awesome.

  2. Dan, they’re 9-7 on the road.

    P.S. Nice tribute to Herbert Kornfeld.

    P.P.S. Are you keeping this bad boy up even though your project is done? Cause you should.

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