Credit where credit is due

Posted by Steve 

I made it obvious that I didn’t like the way Ned Yost handled his bullpen the other night (the Shouse-Turnbow fiasco) but I thought his moves in today’s game were perfect.

Sheets was at 102 pitches after seven innings and had a 2-1 lead.  The Brewers scored one run in the top of the eighth, giving them a two-run cushion.  Rather than sending in Turnbow, Yost gave Sheets a chance to go out and pitch through the eighth.

A couple things came into play here.  Sheets had been throwing a good game to that point; allowing one run, striking out eight and walking just one.  While he looked better Tuesday than Monday, Turnbow had still blown two straight games.  Finally, that insurance run gave the team a slight margin for error.

Yost seemed to take all these factors into account and decided to send Sheets out for the eighth.  He got the first two outs, but then gave up a run on back-to-back hits.  It was clear that Sheets needed to leave the game, but rather than going to Turnbow for the last out (in yet another pressure situation) he went to his closer to get four outs.  Cordero, who hadn’t even pitched yet on the road trip, came in, got out of the eighth, and then closed it out in the ninth.

Yost did a good job letting his starter try to shorten the game without taking too big of a risk, and he made the right call with Cordero over Turnbow in the eighth.  Just thought I’d give Ned some props after calling him out the other day.


Looking ahead to Minnesota, the Brewers luck out in pitching match-ups once again.  Santana just pitched Friday, so the Crew won’t see him.  The Twins are reeling a bit, as they have lost seven of their last eight.  Hopefully some home cookin’, a slumping team and some decent pitching match-ups will make for a series win.


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