Our third baseman will no longer hit eighth!

Posted by Steve 

Well it looks like Doug Melvin has had enough of Craig Counsell and Tony Graffanino (I know I have).  The Brewers called up Ryan Braun Thursday in time for the San Diego series.  Braun will be wearing number eight and presumably start at third base on Friday.

Needless to say, this is a very exciting move.  The offense has been struggling a bit, so hopefully this will be a shot in the arm.  At this point Braun’s Super 2 status is unclear, but the Braintrust obviously felt they needed his bat in the lineup.  He brings more athleticism and speed to the position, but most importantly, a LOT more slugging.  I have celebrated this wonderful event by happily editing the rosters in my sidebar.  Man, that felt nice moving Counsell to the bench.—————>

It will be very exciting/interesting to watch one of the games best prospects in the big leagues.  Here’s to a .275/.350/.460 season or betterand an outside shot at rookie of the year.  By the way, PECOTA has Braun pegged for .283/.341/.504.  Those are some yummy numbers Cookie Monster.


Photo courtesy of Brewers.com 


A few odds and ends, while I’m at it:

  • This makes me feel ill. 
  • Kevin is also doing a Brewers blog for a class project.  He has a lot of content considering the short period of time he’s been up and running, and he has some good stuff.  Check him out.
  • Speaking of awesome blogs, have a looksee at this one… It’s by none other than the Brewers’ own (Yeehaw!) Geoff Jenkins.  I think this is pretty cool; you can tell he spent a decent amount of time writing the posts.
  • Patrick from Brewerfan has his draft article up.  I’ll probably make a post just giving an overview of some candidates for the Brewers first pick, but if you want to learn about the draft you need to go to brewerfan.net.  Their coverage is excellent.

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