Corey Hart lives! and other short stories

Posted by Steve 

A few things to think about after the nice win tonight.

  • Pittsburgh lost, which increased the Brewers’ lead to 6.5 games.  The Crew has gone 4-12 in their last 16 and have lost 1.5 games off of their division lead.  That’s just nuts.  It’s really why I’m not overly worried at this point.  The Brewers look like they might be finding their way out of this rut, and they haven’t really been challenged by anyone else in the Central.
  • Weeks to the DL.  Probably overdue.  I give him properties for gutting it out so we didn’t have to watch Counsell and Graffanino both in the lineup at the same time, but there’s no use in playing him if he’s still hurting.  Hopefully he only needs the minimum 15 days to rest his wrist and then is good to go.  Also, Counsellnino is much more tolerable at second base than at third.
  • Capellan recalled to take Weeks’ spot.  So much for the deeper bench.  I prefer the 11-man pitching staff because it provides more offensive flexibility in close games.  It will be interesting to see how Capellan performs after his questionable behavior.  He ticked off a lot of people, which is probably why it took him this long to get back to Milwaukee.
  • Prince Fielder is just amazing.  He is leading the bigs in home runs right now and is completely dialed in.  I still can’t believe that he’s only 23!  I don’t care if he’s gone the second he becomes a free agent; he’s under the Brewers’ control for quite a while, and it’s going to be fun.
  • Corey Hart lives!  All he needed was to be healthy (and for Yost to remember he’s on the team).  As far as I’m concerned, he’s the leadoff hitter for the rest of the season. 
  • Five straight quality starts after Vargas tonight (I’d contend Vargas did not pitch well, but whatever).  The starting pitching is starting to turn around.  It’s another reason why I’m not worried about this team.  By the by, how about my Dave Bush prediction in the previous post?  Pretty darn close, eh?  Ehhh? *nudge*

2 responses to “Corey Hart lives! and other short stories

  1. I’m loving the Cubs right now.

  2. Way to be Big Z!

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