Brewers-Fins Game 3

Posted by Steve 

I’ve got the laptop set up in the living room with the snacks nearby.  Sounds like a decent Saturday evening.  Here we go…

  • More gems from Bill’s “scouting report.”  His rundown on Capuano is that he needs more run support.  Not that he needs to establish a fastball inside, or that his changeup should keep the aggressive Marlins hitters off balance…. No.  It’s that the Brewers haven’t given him run support lately.
  • Nice quick start for Capuano.  He looked great in the first.
  • I understand starting all the lefties against Kim.  I still would prefer Gross in the leadoff spot to Gwynn… But Ned’s been playing Hart again so I can’t complain too much (as I type this Gwynn weakly grounds out in front of the mound… been doing that a lot lately).
  • Miller Park fans sounding like Cubs fans on Fielder’s flyout to left.  Kim clean through the first except for a Braun HBP.  Quick first inning.
  • FSN shows Dontrelle Willis on camera previewing tomorrow’s Sheets-Willis game.  Schroeder enthusiastically says, “Dontrelle Willis, 7-3 this year!” and fails to say that he’s been largely bad this season.  Thankfully Brian Anderson chimes in and said, “A seven-game winner but an ERA near five.”
  • A much rockier inning in the second for Capuano.  Two walks and 24 pitches so far.
  • On Treanor’s infield hit it sure looked like Counsell could have had him if Capuano didn’t try to dive for it…  Hopefully it won’t cost him much with BK Kim hitting with two outs.  As I type this Kim had this coolest swing and miss I’ve ever seen… He actually jumped and did a 180.  Inning over, but Cappy threw a lot of pitches.
  • The Brewers seem to be having trouble squaring up on Kim the first time through.  And Gabe Gross runs the count full and draws yet another walk.  I heart Gabe Gross.
  • Counsell’s seeing-eye grounder gets Gross to third, but Capuano struck out.  Nice job turning over the lineup though.
  • Abercrombie and Uggla each K for the second time.  Wow, struck out the side… Seven ks through three innings.
  • Another failed bunt attempt from Gwynn.  Time to give that up for a while?  Yuck.
  • Byung Hyun Kim is looking like the Byung Hyun Kim of five years ago. 0-0 heading to the fourth.
  • Leadoff double from Miggy Cabrera, but Cappy strikes out the next two and gets Boone on a flyout.  Eight Ks now through four, but his pitch count is fairly high.
  • Well the Brewers have two hits through four innings, and both were grounders to second that Dan “No-Neck” Uggla shoud have had.  Looks like we’ve got a pitcher’s duel on our hands.  Scoreless heading to the fifth.  By the way, it looks like two-thirds of Bill’s scouting report on Capuano (run support) isn’t working.  You’ll need to step it up Cappy.
  • One-two-three go the fish in the fifth.  Cappy’s pretty much dealing.
  • Holy Crap!  I guess Capuano saw Bill’s scouting report.  He just went yard to left-center!
  • For the moment, anyway, the Brewers have a 7 game lead in the division.  A win tonight puts the lead at 7.5.  I can’t get over that.
  • Time to settle back down Capuano.  He just surrendered a leadoff walk to Uggla and has Ramirez and Cabrera coming up.
  • And there it is.  First base is open and Capuano still pitches to Cabrera, who hits a two run homer–on a 1-2 pitch no less.  Stupid, stupid.  Just pitch around him.
  • Capuano finishes the sixth with 104 pitches and looks to be done.  Now he’s on the hook for a tough-luck loss.  I don’t have much sympathy for him though, because that homer was so avoidable.
  • Johnny Estrada has been downright bad lately.  Yost needs to open his eyes and see that Fielder is getting no help with Estrada batting behind him.  He needs to put Jenkins or Hall fifth… someone who can actually get on base.
  • On to the seventh, 2-1 Marlins.  Kim is at 90 pitches so he’ll probably come out again.  Interesting to see Capuano back out there in the seventh.
  • Interesting move by Freddy Gonzalez.  He pinch hit for Kim (90 pitches) with two out and nobody on.  I can’t say I mind Kim out of the game with the way he was throwing.  And now he struck out the pinch hitter Jason Wood.  Time to get to the bullpen.
  • Have I mentioned I am a Corey Hart fan?  Bomb to center ties it up!
  • I can’t stand Yost’s philosophy.  Jose Capellan makes his first appearance in a tie game in the eighth.  He was supposed to be the long reliever.  But he had Turnbow ready in case they took the lead.  Why can’t Turnbow pitch in a tie game in the eighth?  I’d also rather see Villanueva than Capellan, especially in Jose’s first appearance.
  • Thanks Ned!  Right on cue, Capellan gets rocked.  What a nice time to use your long reliever:  a tie game in the eighth.  I’m pinning this one on Yost, but I shouldn’t because we all know Turnbow/Cordero can’t pitch in a tie game.
  • Armando Benitez on in the bottom of the eighth.  Unfortunately he can’t balk twice if there are no runners on base.  He retired the first two, and the Estrada doubled to left-center.  Time for a two-out rally?
  • No such luck.  Jenkins flew out and we’re on to the ninth.  If Ned uses Capellan in a tie game, who will he use with a three-run deficit?  Bill Castro?
  • Heh.  Apparently the answer to that question is: Jose Capellan.  See how he’s pitching two innings?  That’s why he’s the long man!  The long reliever isn’t supposed to pitch in a tie game in the eighth inning. Brian Anderson talking about the nerves that Capellan must be feeling.  Good thing Yost used him in a close situation!
  • Down 5-2 heading to the bottom of ninth.  It’s going to take some heroics.
  • Kevin Gregg on for the ninth and quickly retires Hart.  This one is really going to bug me.  I still can’t believe Yost let Jose Capellan lose the game for him.
  • Aaaand there’s your ball game!  It fittingly ends with Tony Gwyn Jr. grounding out.  Here’s to Jose Capellan not seeing the field after the fifth inning unless the Brewers are down three or more until further notice.  I’ll be at the game tomorrow, hopefully for a bounceback win.

2 responses to “Brewers-Fins Game 3

  1. yup, tough one to swallow: letting cabrera beat you, and letting capellan lose it for you… ouch.

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