Bush vs Vargas

Posted by Dan 

With Gallardo blowing through the PCL like they are a bunch of little leaguers, many Brewer fans are getting antsy to clear a rotation spot for him. The two candidates are obviously going to be Dave Bush and Claudio Vargas. I know I’m beating the “Dave Bush is not this bad” horse again, but bear with me. Ok, we all know Bush’s ERA is 5.67 and Vargas’ is a much more respectable 4.01. But consider that Bush’s WHIP (a better indicator of future performance) is 1.33 and Vargas is 1.53. This shouldn’t surprise anyone, since it appears that Vargas is in endless trouble on the mound. With runners in scoring position, opponents are hitting just .161 off of Vargas. Lest you think (like some do) that he has developed the ability to simply bear down and work out of trouble, his career batting average against with runners in scoring position is .254 so I think its pretty clear he has been relatively lucky to strand as many as he has. This kind of turned into an anti-Vargas post– he has had good results and been a great 5th starter. However, real men prefer Bush.


One response to “Bush vs Vargas

  1. Looking at a few more stats show that they are pretty close so far this season, and that they have both been good for 4/5 starters. I really like that K/BB from Bush and I don’t like Vargas’ WHIP, but it’s hard to go wrong with either at the moment. It makes it difficult to take either one out of the rotation.

    Also, for those who think that Vargas has developed a knack for getting batters out with RISP (rather than getting lucky), wouldn’t it make sense to move him to the bullpen over Bush?





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