Final Update

Posted by Steve

Less than an hour away now, and there are a couple shifts once again.  Baseball America is reporting that the Royals have switched off of Vitters and will take Moustakas with the second pick.  The Cubs will then take Vitters.  Darn.

Also a name we’re all of a sudden seeing associated with the Brewers is high school catcher Devin Mesoraco.  I’m still thinking they’ll take Parker or Aumont, and I’d prefer Parker.

One very interesting take is in Keith Law’s mock draft (no link, ESPN Insider).  He actually has the Brewers taking high-profile Boras client Matt Wieters.  I’d be very, very surprised if this happened, but it would be exciting.

To give you an idea of what the Brewers would be dealing with if they took Wieters, Moustakas or Porcello, here’s a very interesting article by John Heyman of Sports Illustrated about Scott Boras and the amazing impact he’s had on the draft.


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