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  • First things first:  I got a haircut and shaved my beard today.  I originally was going to let it grow until I got an interview somewhere, but eventually changed my mind.  I’m not sure how I feel about it.  In fact, I definitely don’t like it; it makes me look four years younger.  Maybe I’ll hold out for a job that will allow me to groom myself like a bum.  On the bright side, I left a fu manchu moustache for a couple hours before shaving that off as well… It was pretty awesome.  Anyways, on to baseball.
  • Funny, the difference a day makes.  As brutal as Tuesday’s loss was, it was only one loss, and the Brewers seem to have bounced back.  Plus it was sweet watching a no-hitter, kind of.  Verlander’s one of my favorite pitchers, and he was simply dominant.
  • If Bill Hall is truly back on track this team should be just fine.  He’s looked completely locked in the last few games; he even had great at-bats against Verlander (three walks).  The offense has sorely needed another power bat besides Fielder since Hardy inevitably slowed down, and Hall can definitely be that guy.  To quote TooLiveBrew from, “Bill Hall is so awesome, the only way he can not reach base in Detroit is to simply leave the city.”
  • I’m wondering if Brian Shouse has much time left on this team.  He hasn’t been good this season–1.62 WHIP and just six strikeouts to six walks in 13 innings.  Thirteen innings is obviously a small sample, but that is part of the problem as well: his lack of innings.  To put it in perspective, Shouse is trailing both Chris Spurling (broke Spring Training in AAA) and Elmer Dessens (DL stint) in innings pitched.  His complete inability to retire right-handed hitters requires him to be completely lights out against lefties almost every time to even have value.  I’d almost rather see Joe Thatcher from Nashville, or even Manny Parra replace Shouse.  Parra has been a starter his whole career, so you figure he at least won’t allow righties to OPS .900 against him.
  • Villanueva is just solid.  Don’t look now, but his ERA is now 2.87.  Also his 47 innings pitched are not even 15 less than Claudio “Runners In Scoring Position” Vargas (61.2).  Here’s hoping Capuano’s back soon.  If he’s out a while I’d vote for Villanueva moving to the pen and bringing up Yo Gallardo and limiting his innings in the pen.
  • Speaking of Yo, he’s now at 110 Ks and 28 BBs in 77.2 innings.
  • Per JSOnline, the Brewers are close to signing Matt LaPorta.  He’s expected to get a $2 million bonus.  As speculated by many, the “Boras Factor” wasn’t much of a factor at all because LaPorta wouldn’t have gotten 7th-slot money later in the draft even if he held out.  Good to hear.  It will be interesting to see where they send LaPorta, as it should give us an idea of how much they want to fast-track him to the big leagues.
  • Rickie Weeks is taking batting practice and should be ready to go by Monday.  The team has decided not to send him to Nashville for a rehab stint.  Interestingly, the reason Yost gave for this is that his wrist is likely to swell up again so they won’t waste him in AAA.  Sounds like, unfortunately, Weeks might be good for another DL trip before season’s end.
  • How great would it be if the Brewers can steal the series later today?  After being no-hit in the first game, that would be pretty impressive.  With Sheets rolling, I like their chances.  Time to start righting the ship.  Keep turnin’ up the heat, you jazzy Brewers, you.

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  1. Good points — Villanueva has really been impressive and I would love to see the Brewers DFA Shouse and acquire lefty Damaso Marte from Pittsburgh — He’s signed through 2008 making $2.6M this season. He’s been lights out (Opponents OPSing .520 off him) and lefties are only OPSing .311 this year (his three year average vs lefties is .609). As usual, I’m not sure what it would take to get him, but he would be a key piece of this bullpen and next years, when we figure to contend as well.

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