Happy Yo Day!

Posted by Steve

Weeks is off the DL, Yo is making his major league debut, Hart’s staying in the leadoff spot and Gwynn was optioned to AAA to get regular at-bats.  What a glorious day.

I’ve been looking forward to this all weekend, as I’ll be at the game tonight.  It really doesn’t matter how Yo pitches; it will just be exciting to watch him.  I don’t really have any expectations.  I’d be happy if he made it through five innings and gave up four runs or less, but I won’t get discouraged (or surprised) if he gets rocked.

There are some awesome pitching match-ups this series.  Tonight is Gallardo-Lowry.  Tuesday will be power-pitchers galore with Sheets-Lincecum (also attended by yours truly).  Wednesday will be Vargas-Zito.

The Giants have some solid starting pitching (Zito has actually been one of their worst starters this year), but their offense is pretty putrid.  They’re losing a lot of games lately, so I’m definitely looking for a series victory.

Image taken from caratulasdecine.com


8 responses to “Happy Yo Day!

  1. man oh man, you sure got to see a high blood pressure game! Great start for Yo. I don’t know what the consensus was at the game, but I didn’t understand for a second why he went out to start the 7th. He was at 94 pitches, 6IP, up by 4. Absolutely no reason in my mind to push it. Oh well, got the W!

  2. wow, how many people can say they were at every game of a three game sweep? you know this means you have to continue going to every game…

  3. what are you doing awake before 5 a.m. andy?

  4. Dave as you can see the time zone used by wordpress is not anywhere close to us. You didn’t comment at 9:11 a.m.

  5. ha, dave awake at 9:11 am? something is dangerously inaccurate about this time zone software

  6. yeah, i guess when steve posts before noon you know something has to be up

  7. ha same joke, dave. lame.

  8. i’ve always hated you andy

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