Dave Bush is nothing but a five inning pitcher who shot Kennedy

Posted by Steve

Haven’t posted in a few days, so I have sort of a laundry list of things I’d like to cover.

Corey Hart is a man.

Anybody who thought this guy was overhyped as a prospect (and there surely were some) aren’t saying anything anymore.  It’s nice that Ned Yost finally figured that out too.  The Brewers’ offense has taken off since Hart moved to the leadoff spot, and he has simply not felt like making outs over the last month.  His OBP is up to .397 (drool…) but he’s also slugging a healthy .533.  The other day was just awesome, as he went 3-3 and worked a 13-pitch walk off poor Brian Bannister.  Interestingly, it looks like the Brewers could end up with two consecutive N.L. Player of the Month award winners.

This offense is good–and it has depth.

With Weeks, Braun and Hardy playing regularly, there is hardly a weak spot in the entire lineup.  It’s easily the best lineup I’ve ever seen in my life of Brewer fandom.  Hardy and Fielder, the pair that carried the offense for the first quarter of the season, have been relatively quiet this homestand (Hardy mainly due to injury, but still), yet the team has been scoring runs at will.

It’s also deep.  Damian Miller is nothing special, but he’s a passable major league catcher.  That’s something the Brewers haven’t been able to say about a backup catcher in a long time.  Counsell and Graffanino–guys that we whined about earlier this season–actually become assets when used in their intended reserve role.  Graffy’s little power streak recently has been nice, and Counsell continues to draw walks and get on base at a decent clip along with his great defense.

Yo should be here to stay

Whether he stays in the pen or in the rotation, I don’t see any reason to send Gallardo back to AAA.  This is besides the fact that he’s been a lot of fun to watch.  It’s only been two starts, but it’s apparent that he’s anything but overmatched.  There’s no reason the Brewers can’t monitor his workload at the major league level.

Dave Bush is nothing but a five inning pitcher who shot Kennedy. *

I’ve had just about enough of the crowd that is completely convinced that Dave Bush can’t throw more than six innings.  He had a few rough outings early in the year, and now anytime he allows a baserunner after the fifth inning people scream for the bullpen.  In reality, Bush has been excellent in his last five starts, and he is rapidly lowering that artificially inflated ERA from earlier in the year.

If anyone is a “six-inning pitcher,” it’s Claudio Vargas.  In 13 starts this season, Vargas has made it through seven innings exactly zero times.  He’s really the only pitcher in the Brewers’ rotation of whom you can’t think, “At least this guy has a chance of throwing a great game today.”

*Kudos to Mr. Adam James Grayson for the title of this post.

Derrick Turnbow has been just fine.

And no, I’m not being sarcastic in that heading.  Sure he blew the game on Sunday, but all sorts of stats indicate he is having a very solid season.  Aside from his 22 holds to three losses…

IP: 33.1   WHIP: 1.08   BAA:.188   SO: 41   BB: 14

Turnbow has had a few craptacular outings, but what relievers haven’t?  Overall he’s done a good job.

Hooray Beavers!

Congrats to the Oregon State Beavers, who repeated as National Champs Sunday.  They dominated the College World Series by not losing a game and crushing North Carolina in a 2006 finals rematch. 

I became a Beaver Backer just in time to say that I wasn’t a complete bandwagon-jumper.  I went to the CWS last year, which was shortly after the Brewers drafted Cole Gillespie.  For this reason I bought an OSU hat and adopted them as my team to root for on the trip.  They went on to defeat North Carolina in an exciting three-game series.

The best part is they’ll be right in the thick of things again next year.  They only returned two starters from last year’s title team, so they weren’t expected to do much again until ’08.  Well they came out of nowhere to win it this year, so obviously they’ll three-peat next season.

Edit: Matt LaPorta

Looks like LaPorta has been a little tougher to sign after all.  It sounds as though the two sides have been settled on the price tag for a few days, but have been working out the language of the contract.  Things like call-up times and minor league starting level.  Boras might even be pushing for a spot on the 40-man.


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