A few tidbits

Posted by Steve

A few noteworthy things after another Brewer win.

  • Haudricourt reports that the Brewers are leaning towards moving Yo to the rotation after his start against the Cubs.  Here’s Yost’s quote:

“I think if we had our druthers, we would rather have [Gallardo] be a starter,” Yost said. “But there is some conventional wisdom behind the fact that if we go ahead and keep Gallardo up here and use him as a long [reliever], limit his innings through July and August, if anything happens, we’ve got a quality starter ready to step in that’s in great shape. His innings won’t be way up, and he’ll be strong and ready to pitch until the very end.”

  • I can’t say I have any problem with this. For me, the two options were Yo to the pen or Vargas to the pen. This should be convenient, as a month or so in the bullpen should limit Gallardo’s innings enough to bring him back as a starter in August, September-ish. It was nice to see Yost hint at that. Also, sweet use of ‘druthers,’ Ned.
  • Just when I say it’s taken Matt LaPorta longer than I expected, he signed Monday for $2 million–a fair amount.  After a short stint in the Rookie League, LaPorta will be sent to West Virginia, where he will apparently be fast tracked more than any Brewers draft pick in recent memory.  Currently a 22-year-old, LaPorta will hopefully be in Milwaukee by 2009.
  • Freaking congratulations to Manny Parra, who twirled a perfect game for Nashville in just his second AAA start on Monday.  Parra became the second player in Sounds history to throw a perfecto.  Parra has been lost in the mix a bit, but after recovering from injury he appears to have regained his prospect status.  As a hard-throwing lefty he could have some use in the Brewers’ bullpen right now, but it seems he’s still seen as a future starter.  On the other hand, Doug might want to use him in a deadline move, since his value appears to be at an all-time high.

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