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People are making a big deal out of the Cubs series this weekend in Chicago.  The Brewers have won 12 of 14 games, and the Cubs have won six straight, so hopefully it will be an entertaining series.  As for how “important” it is…  Well I’ll just say I’m not overly nervous.

Unless one team sweeps the series, little ground will be made up either way.  If the Brewers can just avoid being swept, they’ll have at least a 6.5 game lead on the Cubbies after the series, which is still fairly cozy.

Perusing some message boards, I’ve seen people (Cubs fans, mainly) claim that the Cubs’ season depends on this series.  There are statements like (paraphrasing), “If the Cubs get swept the season is over, but if the Cubs sweep I think they’ll win the division.”

Yikes.  There are 162 games in a baseball season.  All of them count equally.  Let’s not try to make this series any bigger than any other one.

As far as the series itself, things certainly stack up well for the Crew.  Gallardo vs. Hill should be a good game with two young pitchers facing off.  Saturday is Ben Sheets vs. Sean Marshall and Sunday is Dave Bush vs. Jason Marquis.  Marshall has been hot lately, but Hill has cooled off a little bit.  Marquis, as expected, has also fallen back to Earth.

The Brewers will send Yo, Sheets and Bush against the Cubbies while they miss “Big Z.”  I will in fact be in attendence tomorrow; it will be my first time at Wrigley.  Here’s to a great start from Yo before his stint in the bullpen.

My half-hearted attempt at some NBA Draft discussion

I am admittedly a fair-weather Bucks fan, and not a huge NBA fan in general.  I usually watch the draft though, just because I like watching drafts for any sport I remotely follow.  I’m also a big college basketball fan.

The Bucks created quite a stir when they took Chinese forward Yi Jianlin with the sixth pick.  Yi’s agent and the Chinese government wanted him to go to a team with more marketability and a higher Chinese population than Milwaukee, and they did not permit the Bucks to work him out, but GM Larry Harris took him anyway.  I’m not going to pretend whether I know if this guy is a good pick, but I will say that I’m impressed that the Bucks took their best available player despite all that crap.  When I hear his potential is somewhere around Dirk Nowitzki and Pau Gasol, I don’t see any reason to complain.

I also like the Bucks second round pick of point guard Ramon Sessions from Nevada.  He’ll provide depth if the Bucks don’t re-sign the turnover-prone Mo Williams.  I’ll be honest though, the main reason I even know who Sessions is is because Glenn (brother) was Nevada in our NCAA 2K7 franchise and constantly crushed me in that game.

I can’t think of a better team for Wisconsin star Alando Tucker to end up with than the Phoenix Suns.  His exceptional athletic ability fits perfectly in the Suns run ‘n’ gun offense, and I can’t wait to see him running alongside Steve Nash and throwing down lobs.

Whew… Four paragraphs on the NBA!  That’s about enough for another year.


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