Off to Pittsburgh!

Posted by Steve

Well I’m heading out tomorrow to go see the Brewers play at PNC Park.  I’m taking advantage of a free flight and will be checking out the nicest stadium in the Majors.  Keep an eye out for us; I’ll be in a yellow old school Brewers t-shirt and Glenn will have his Corey Hart jersey on.  I say this because FSN seems to show the same few Brewer fans over and over on road games.

Pretty sweet to see the four Brewers get into the All-Star Game like I figured.  Chris Young and Hanley Ramirez got royally screwed though, but I guess you always have deserving players left off.

I leave you with proof that the Chicago Cubs are just, well… Not that cool.  This makes me feel a little better about seeing this loss in person.


5 responses to “Off to Pittsburgh!

  1. damn, the video isn’t available anymore. what was it?

  2. dave, it was a video of some guy reaching between ramirez’s legs from behind and just jimmying his johnny pretty aggressively. you would’ve loved it.

    have fun in pitt, steve… i hope you see a rout (the good kind) to make up for your trip to wrigley!

  3. Its the top of the 6th, and now I realize that Jeff Suppan is no more than Claudio Vargas with a SLIGHTLY bigger paycheck and better luck…

    I know Vargas is the luckiest 6-1 pitcher in NL history, but seriously…the money we pay for Suppan is enough to make me puke.

  4. “jimmying his johnny” is probably one of the funniest phrases I’ve ever heard.

  5. Yeah I guess MLB is taking the video down everywhere. Apparently the perp was Cesar Izturis. Guys on the radio were calling it the Cesar Salad.

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