Oh… So that loss WASN’T devastating?

Posted by Steve

Apparently nobody told the Brewers that their walk-off loss was supposed to lead to a losing streak, seeing how they pounded the snot out of Cubs pitching yesterday.  I just didn’t want the Brewers to get swept, so I’m happy.

In other news, Jose Capellan finally got his wish.  He was traded to the Tigers for minor league left-hander Chris Cody.  Capellan proved to be a bit of a disappointment, considering the hype we were fed about his supposed 100 mph fastball when the Brewers traded for him.  Then he threatened to retire, demanded a trade and stopped showing up to AAA games (trifecta!).  One thing I will say about Latin Cappy is that he was the source of one of my better rants this season.

Cody is a 23-year-old who will be assigned to high-A Brevard County.  He’s not young, but he has put up great numbers this season.  The Brewers acquired Carlos Villanueva for Wayne Franklin a few years ago in a similar deal, and Melvin obviously found a nugget there.  Even if Cody amounts to nothing, it wouldn’t matter because…

Yovani Gallardo will replace Capellan in the bullpen, which is an obvious upgrade.  The Brewers’ pen is pretty sick now. 

Finally, while the All-Star selection process is highly flawed (wins, RBIs are weighed far too heavily) I think the Brewers have a great chance of getting four players in.  Despite Cordero’s recent slide, he’s still a virtual lock because he leads in saves (yet another highly flawed and overrated stat).  Sheets is tied for the lead in wins and has been dominant since May.  Hardy has a shot, mainly because nobody realizes how good Hanley Ramirez has been.  And obviously Fielder’s in.


One response to “Oh… So that loss WASN’T devastating?

  1. The market you play in is also a reason you get to ride the trolley in San Fran. Complete bullshit.

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