My glorious return

Posted by Dan 

So, in spending the last two weeks away from my apartment, I did not make any posts due to a faulty spacebar on the computer that annoyed me too much to do so. But just a few observations:

1. Chris Capuano returns tonight from the DL. Here’s hoping he not only stays healthy, but also starts pitching better. Since May 1, Cappy owns a 5.10 ERA and a 1.51 WHIP over 42.2 IP.

2. Yovani Gallardo to the Bullpen. I like this move, as it is pointless to allow him to mow down AAA hitters and pile up innnings. This allows the Crew to manage his innings and put him back in the rotation late in the year if necessary. Gallardo was every bit as good as advertised and there’s no reason he shouldn’t succeed in the Brewer’s bullpen.

3. Carlos Villanueva is an underrated stud. Over 58 innings he has a 2.64 ERA and 1.16 WHIP along with 54 K.

4. Ben Sheets “low K-rate.” I’ve read articles that mention this as a red flag for Sheets, heard it mentioned on FOX last weekend early in the Cubs game (he would go on to K 11), and have even seen people on message boards accuse him of hiding an injury. Sheets career K-rate is 7.68/9 IP. This season, it is 6.63/9 IP. While it is down this year, take away his 13 K in 30 IP from the month of April where he admittedly was struggling to find his curveball, and his rate for May and June is a more Sheets-like 7.65. In fact, it is nearly identical to his career rate. Sheets is fine.

5. Since coming off the DL, Rickie Weeks is hitting .194 with a .702 OPS. He hasn’t homered since April 25.  According to yahoo, Tom Haudricourt says he’s “being benched” by Yost to allow him to regroup. It doesn’t say whether this is just for today, or for a few games. Either way, it can’t be too bad as Weeks’ has struggled mightily.

6. I was shocked in watching a game this weekend to learn that Chris Spurling has a 3.20 ERA. Nothing else, I was just surprised.

7. My fantasy team seems to have caught what Steve’s had earlier. In the past few weeks I’ve lost B.J. Upton, Ian Kinsler, A.J. Burnett, Oliver Perez, Mike Napoli and Brett Myers to the D.L. (Myers was a while ago) in various leagues. I’m also trying an interesting strategy in one of my leagues (start 5 SP and 5 RP). Since I’m over my pace on innings pitched, I picked up Juan Cruz, Carlos Villanueva, Carlos Marmol, Zach Greinke, and Jeremy Affeldt. All are SP-eligible on Yahoo, and are actually pitching in relief in real life. All have good K-rates and ERA’s below 3 for the season. I expect these guys coupled with my 5 actual RP to lower my ERA and WHIP substantially.

8. I thought Steve was joking about going to Pittsburgh. Who just flies to Pittsburgh on a whim? Still, it’s awesome.


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