Fun with Splits (The Bad)

Posted by DanΒ 

Even though the All-Star Break is barely hours old, I came up with this BRILLIANT idea for a post. I’m going to take a look at some career Pre/Post ASB splits of members of the Crew. I’ll exclude the obvious (Weeks, Fielder, Hardy, etc.) since there is no point in trying to find a trend based on one year.

1. Chris Capuano (3.69 ERA Pre-ASB/5.04 Post) — I won’t really speculate but being a Tommy John survivor who gets by with mediocre stuff its possible this is the cause for him wearing down in the second half.

2. Kevin Mench (.841 OPS before/.731 After)– I don’t know what to say about Mench, except that seeing this, and his current .740 OPS makes me a bit nervous. He’s been decent lately though (.846 in his last 45 ABs).

3. Johnny Estrada (.777 Before, .673 After) – This makes sense, catchers definitly take a pounding over the course of a season and it adds up.

I’ll finish this tomorrow by looking at guys with more favorable numbers in the second half, but I’ll post it now for those of you waiting around the clock for an update.


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