Fun with Splits (The Good)

Posted by Dan 

Now some members of the crew who we can hope improve their level of play in the second half:

1.  Geoff Jenkins (.809/.911)– This one is fairly well chronicled, and if he repeats it this year he will play a big part in carrying the Brewers to the post season (2005: Jenkins hit .332 with a 1.025 OPS after the break).

2.  Jeff Suppan — His career numbers are basically equal (4.68/4.56).  Last year however, he went 5.83/2.39.  Here’s hoping he does it again.

3.  Francisco Cordero (3.51/3.03) — Even though Cordero had an amazing first half, he is traditionally a half a run better in the second half (2006 with the Crew: 1.69 ERA).


One response to “Fun with Splits (The Good)

  1. It’s interesting to me that Suppan had one of his best years last season despite doing worse (ERA-wise, anyways) in the first half than he’s done so far this year.

    I won’t say that Suppan has been a big success so far, but thus far he’s pretty much done what the Brewers have paid him to do. He’s on pace for over 200 innings, and it’s not his fault the Brewers paid him all that dough for durability.

    The one concerning thing is he’s on pace for more walks than he’s had in any of the past six years. Of course if he pitches better in the second half that pace will slow down as well. I expect Suppan to improve some in the second half and finish with a 4.3-4.5ish ERA.

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