Brewers vs. Rockies, Game 2

Posted by Steve

Not doing anything tonight, so I decided to blog another game. Hopefully we’ll have a better outcome than the last time I tried this. I shouldn’t be tied up here too long with Sheets on the hill.

  • The Cubs won yet again today, beating up on the (apparently) declining Roy Oswalt. They’re really playing well, so let’s win and keep the lead at 3.5. Sheets vs Rodrigo Lopez is a decided advantage in Milwaukee’s favor, but as we saw yesterday the Rockies have some good hitters.
  • I’d like to comment on “Sheets the stopper.” People keep citing his 6-2 record after Brewer losses. Sure it’s impressive, but he’s 10-4 overall. He’s just a good pitcher, and the team has happened to lose eight times in games preceding his starts. It’s not like he raises his game or anything after the team loses.
  • Shoddy start. Spilborghs grounds up the middle and Weeks acrobatically chucks it into the dugout.
  • Warning you now… I just realized Tony Gwynn is starting today, so there are sure to be some rants in this post. Especially if he tries a bunt base hit.
  • Either the Miller Park radar gun is dialed up, or Sheets is. He hit 99 mph against Garrett Atkins.
  • Weeks makes a great play and makes up for his error. Nice job by Sheets to strand the runner. Time to hit against Rodrigo Lopez.
  • A Ryan Braun walk seems as good a time as any to say that he is crazy-amazing right now. I can’t believe how good he’s been. If he avoids a big slump he’ll get the ROY despite missing about two months.
  • Eh, Prince Ks. On to the second.
  • Quick 1-2-3 inning for Sheets.
  • A pretty pathetic second for the Brewers. Estrada and Jenkins quickly ground out, while Gwynn works the count full before powerfully popping out to the catcher.
  • Spilborghs crushes one out to left with two outs. Sheets kept coming at him with two-strike fastballs, and it cost him. Kaz Matsui ends the inning with a “Tony Gwynn” (popping out on a bunt).
  • Quick side note: I was glancing at, and the poll question is: Was Roger Clemens’ seventh start (5.1 IP, 5 H, 5 ER, 2 K, L vs. Devil Rays) worth a pro-rated $840,909 salary? The best part: Nine percent answered ‘yes.’
  • Once again Bill pulls out his “tough to take with two strikes” bit on a strike three call to Weeks. Thing is, the ball was inside. The ump blew the call. Did Bill Schroeder ever take a walk?
  • So far nothing doing against All-World Rodrigo Lopez. On to the fourth, 1-0 Rockies.
  • This home plate ump is baffling so far. Sheets just froze Helton on a 2-2 curve right over the plate, and Chris Guccione just sat there. This after calling out Weeks on ball four and calling a strike at Tony Gwynn’s shins.
  • I’m pretty sure I’m never blogging a game again. Sheets hurt his hand somehow and has left the game. I really, REALLY hope this isn’t a Joel Zumaya tendon rupture. I’m feeling a little sick right now. They just cannot afford to lose Sheets for any extended amount of time.
  • This isn’t a game where you’d want to see Yo, but he’s in. Struck out Helton, gets Tulowitzki to fly out on a nice catch by Gwynn.
  • Man, this is so crappy about Sheets. I don’t even care about this game anymore. Ugh. I’m trying to think of any type of injury that wouldn’t force Sheets to miss more than two starts, but I’m not coming up with anything.
  • Not that I care anymore, but I thought it was worth mentioning that the Brewers don’t have a hit after four innings against Rodrigo Lopez.
  • “Well if courtroom drama’s your guilty pleasure, WMLW’s got your courtside seat.” And if it’s not, well, you won’t be watching WMLW.
  • Wow… What should have been a Rickie Weeks error turns into a double play due to J.J. Hardy. On to the fifth of this suddenly meaningless game.
  • I have no faith in any hitters after the four-spot in the Brewers’ lineup tonight. Estrada hitting fifth continues to be a joke. Gwynn sucks. Jenkins looks like he’s slumping. Ben Sheets is hurt. Rodrigo Lopez has a no-hitter after five innings. Bill Schroeder is calling the game. The Cubs keep winning. The Bucks signed Mo Williams to an outrageous conntract. I can’t find a job. This is terrible.
  • I just got a text message from Dan. “What if Sheets is done for a while and we get no-hit by Rodrigo Lopez?”
  • At least Yo is good. 1-2-3 inning. On to the sixth. Will they get a hit? I’m on the edge of my seat.
  • Thank goodness for Corey Hart. Homerun to left… I was sure Spilborghs caught that. He missed it by an inch.
  • Yo is dealing. Who knows, maybe he’ll be back in the rotation sooner than we thought if Sheets is out for a while…. That sentence saddens me deeply.
  • Well… This is far from official… But a poster at brewerfan reported that Jim Powell reported that Sheets has a blister. I would be overjoyed if it was, but it didn’t really seem like a blister when they were looking at it. Sheets was wincing in pain.
  • Ok… Leadoff walk from Braun. Time to cash in a couple.
  • Jeez. Prince bloops out to left. I’m feeling a double play from Estrada, which probably means Braun will be stealing.
  • Quick update again. is reporting that the injury is believed to be a blister. I hope so, but I’m not convinced.
  • Good news for the Brewers as 1:1 k/bb ratio Jorge Julio is warming for the Rockies.
  • A leadoff walk stranded at first base. Wunderbar.
  • Bill just said, “Don’t make a mistake inside to this guy,” referring to Yorvit Torrealba. Torrealba has a .709 career OPS. You wouldn’t be basing too much off his three-hit game yesterday, would you Bill?
  • Yo did an awesome job. If I weren’t so worried about Sheets I’d probably be excited about it. Unfortunately Gwynn, Weeks and pitcher’s spot are up this inning.
  • Julio’s in. That’s the good news. The bad news is he’s been better with Colorado. The bad news is also Rodrigo Lopez allowing one hit and one run in seven innings.
  • Probably three fly-outs looked way out off the bat tonight for the Brewers. Tony Gwynn just hit a ball further than I’ve ever seen him hit a ball, and it was lazily caught on the track. Frustrating.
  • Weeks walks with one out. I don’t totally get Counsell hitting here rather than Gross or Graffanino.
  • Big swipe of second by Weeks.
  • Counsell flies out to mid-center and Weeks aggresively tags up. He would have been dead to rights if the throw was on target.
  • Official word from the clubhouse is a finger sprain. That seems right. Now is it really a sprain, or is it a tear/rupture? Nervous…
  • Hart strikes out, stranding Weeks on third. Guldarnit.
  • I’ve already googled “distal finger sprain.” Apparently that doesn’t tell us much before we hear the severity of the sprain, but if it’s not a tear it… doesn’t… sound… too… terrible. Also “distal” means furthest away from the palm, so apparently he sprained the joint closest to his nail on his middle finger.
  • Ok, Cordero on for the top of the ninth. It would really stink if the Brewers lost this game.
  • Somewhere this season I started to get nervous when Cordero comes in. I hate when he gets to full counts; I always feel like his leadoff walks will score. (As I say this he strikes out Jamie Carroll on a full count slider… Good).
  • Nice work from Cordero. Now Hardy, Braun and Fielder. Sounds like a walk-off win.
  • Hardy meagerly pops out in foul territory. He has really not hit for well over a month now.
  • AAH! Somebody close the panels! Braun crushed it to left and it was caught near the wall.
  • Fielder laces a two-out single. Well, at least Estrada can’t ground into a double play.
  • Brutal. Estrada waves at a ball in the dirt. Your fifth hitter, ladies and gents. Now the Rockies have their mashers up. Bad vibes all over the place.
  • Turnbow off to a good start striking out Atkins. Better yet it was with a nasty breaking ball. If he has that working he’s tough to hit. Unfortunately Todd Helton is good at hitting.
  • Ugh. Four pitch walk to Helton… 3-0 to Tulo! DANGER! DANGER!
  • Double play! Wow, what a turnaround.
  • And then on the first pitch Jenkins crushes a double to left.
  • This is one situation where I don’t really mind Gwynn hitting. He’ll try to get Jenkins to third. That said if he decides to bunt and pops it up I’ll scream.
  • Dan’s text: “We could buy two more months of Gwynn here with a hit.” My response: “Or Aki Otsuka.”
  • Nicely done by Gwynn getting the grounder to the right side. Interesting move here by Yost in pinch hitting Graffy for Weeks. Can’t say I blame him, Weeks has been struggling. Possible squeeze? 1-0 count opportune time.
  • Ha! Tony Graffanino did what he needed to do, and not an inch more. Bloops one over a drawn in infield for the game winning single. Nice win!
  • Couple classic moments in the post game. First, Prince Fielder jumps behind Graffy during his interview yelling “YEAH! YEAH!” Second, Brian Anderson signs off by saying very enthusiastically, “Coming up next… Smallville!”
  • Sheets injury or not, this was a nice win. It would have been uncool to have the lead drop to 2.5 games over the surging Cubs. Win the series tomorrow, and please Ben, GET WELL SOON!

5 responses to “Brewers vs. Rockies, Game 2

  1. I honestly am not enjoying this game at all.

  2. Also, from the Al’s Rambling’s blog, he pointed out that Parra hasn’t started since he was held out of his July 5 start. Strange…

  3. Funny for me to be commenting on a post before I finish it, but people have been speculating that Parra’s having his innings limited. He hasn’t pitched many innings since his injury, and he’s already well over 100.

  4. Seems like an odd way to limit his innings… (I guess technically speaking, keeping him from pitching is the most obvious way to limit his innings) but you’d think they would want him to keep throwing regularly. Who knows though.

  5. I loved the BA sign-off

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