Bill Schroeder: International Man of Mystery

Posted by Dan

The Setting: Turnbow walks Molina to open the 8th. He then falls behind Miles (I think) 3-1 before getting him to ground into a double play. Bill says, “Well its an easy game isn’t it? With turnbow’s velocity if he can just throw strikes he’ll be ok.”

Now, I can’t prove this hypothesis, but I am 142% sure I’ve also heard him say this about Turnbow: “It doesn’t matter how hard you throw, if Major League hitters know a fastball is coming and you have to throw a strike, they’re gonna hit it.”(paraphrasing the last part)

Also, he got to say BA’s line this time, “If courtroom drama is your guilty pleasure, then WLMW has got courtside seats for you!”


2 responses to “Bill Schroeder: International Man of Mystery

  1. Schroeder has DEFINITELY said that before.

  2. Amber Loberger

    Turnbow’s nick name should be Turnblow. I think that last year he thought no one could catch up with his fast ball. Well even last year we saw that he was hittable. (is that a word) well anyway, I give Mr. Yost a lot of credit for puting him in day after day, blow after blow.

    My 4 year old is going to his first Brewer game tonight and is well prepared to cheer on his team. He knows almost all the names and numbers of the ball players. I got us tickets in the left field 300 section. Look for a sign saying “HI Bill” 8/1/07

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