Ignore it until it goes away

Posted by Steve 

Since I don’t exactly feel like talking about the Brewers, I will make some non-Brewer observations.  Maybe if I ignore their struggles they’ll go away.  Or something.

  • My fantasy team is being ransacked and pillaged.  I just got Mark Teixeira and Huston Street back, but now…  Chase Utley broken hand.  Hunter Pence injured wrist.  Ben Sheets sprained finger.  Akinori Otsuka bad shoulder.  Rich Harden severed arm at the shoulder.  I figured it’s semi-impressive that I’m in fourth place.
  • Dan and I have joined the Dorky League of Dorks.  It’s a simulation league run on Baseball Mogul ’08.  The premise is that there is a GM for every team.  You make roster moves, lineups, trades with each other, draft picks… pretty much everything a real team does.  Then we simulate multiple seasons.  I’m the Royals and Dan is the Rockies, so we sold off all our veterans for good prospects.  The only problem with that is we’re terrible for the first year before we get better.  Dan is 30-46 so far, while I’m a hilarious 26-49.  Stay tuned as this is quickly eating up a large chunk of my time.
  • Ryan Ludwick might be my new favorite player.  An outfielder who bats righty and throws lefty… A rare delicacy.
  • Last night on Sportscenter’s new preview column, the title for the Cubs-Reds highlight was “Red Hot Cubs.”  Keep in mind that was yesterday, so before that win over the Reds the Cubs had lost four of their previous six games.  That’s “red hot”?  I couldn’t believe how much that irritated me.  It’s the same as the headline about the “Struggling Brewers” after the Brewers had won four of six.  I hate how ESPN is openly rooting for the Cubs to win the division.  I suppose it’s my fault for still watching Sportscenter sometimes, but still.  Ugh.  The moral of this story is I hate the Cubs.

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