Color me underwhelmed

Posted by Steve

The Brewers celebrated their walk-off win with a couple uninspiring roster moves.  They placed Scott Linebrink on the bereavement list and sent down Rickie Weeks.  Replacing Linebrink and Weeks are just about the two least exciting players the Brewers could call up:  Elmer Dessens and Joe Dillon.

Dessens was on a lengthy “rehab assignment” (the widespread theory is they just didn’t want to have him in the big leagues) and Dillon has been in AAA all season.  Dillon put up good numbers in AAA and apparently can play all over the field.  I’m just not too excited about a guy who turns 32 on Thursday and has 36 career MLB at-bats.  For a funny small-sample size, Dillon has an MLB career .488 OPS.

I can’t argue the fact that Weeks was slumping, but I just hate to see him sent down for long.  The Brewers need to get him going, so hopefully some consistent playing time in Nashville for a couple weeks (ehh? I’m sorry) can help him snap out of it.  I don’t think Yost has played him enough anyway, so at least he’ll get ABs.

As far as Dessens is concerned… Well I hoped and figured he wouldn’t pitch again for the Brewers.  I’m guessing he is up because his arm is fresh and he’ll fill in for Linebrink until Friday.  Unless Vargas manages to surprise me again and pitch deep into the game, we’ll probably see Elmer today.


3 responses to “Color me underwhelmed

  1. I still have hope for Dessens– his arm should be pretty fresh, and though he was brutal earlier this year, he still has a 3.59 ERA over the past three seasons from the pen. If he was actually hurt earlier, and healthy now, our struggling bullpen could use him. At the very least, unlike Matt Wise, I bet he can throw a strike overy 10 pitches.

  2. What color is underwhelmed? I’m picturing it in the blue family.

  3. It’s actually a light turquoise. So yes, I suppose that’s the blue family.

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