The Sky is Falling!

Posted by Dan

I’m not even going to comment on the dugout shouting match Thursday. If the team gets hot, it will have been the “spark” this team needed — If the team struggles, that was the straw that broke the camels back (I’m all about cliches). What I wanted to try to do is stop the panicking about the Brewers recent struggles. Before the season, it was widely accepted 85 or so wins would take the Central.

Records on June 1:

Brewers 31-24 — Cubs 22-30

Records since June 1:

Brewers 27-27 — Cubs 35-20

The result is that the teams are basically tied. The Crew played good the first two months and have stumbled since. The Cubbies struggled out of the gate but have since righted the ship. The point? All that is behind us. The Brewers are tied for first in their division on August 3. To assume they will continue to play poorly (13-17 since July 1) is foolish. To assume the Cubs contine to win at a .636 clip is equally foolish. All that matters is who plays better from August 3 to October 5. Hopefully the Brewers can pick it up, survive August, and then put away the Cubs in September. The Crew’s September schedule “looks” to be one they can take advantage of: Pittsburgh, Houston, at Cincinnati, at Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, at Houston, at Atlanta and they wrap up the season with 4 at home against San Diego. Theough they’ve certainly struggled on the road again, with a playoff berth on the line, I hope they suck it up and beat some downright bad teams.


4 responses to “The Sky is Falling!

  1. I’ve said all along my money’s with the Cubs.

  2. I agree. I’ll get to work on a post about why the Cubs will win the NL Central.

  3. The Brewers need more players who know how to win. I heard Braun’s, Hardy’s, Hart’s and Gallardo’s High School teams never even reached the State Championship game. How can they be expected to win on the road?

  4. That’s a valit point glenn. The team needs grizzled veterans orlando hernandez, darin erstad, ramiro mendoza, and maybe we can get john wetteland out of retirement.

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