My Thoughts Exactly

Posted by Dan


2 responses to “My Thoughts Exactly

  1. This has to be rock bottom. Right?

  2. Yep, rock rock bottom.

    This team may have hit a point of no return.

    Or…it’s hit another point in their season just as it did when it was no-hit by the Tigers. The Brewers bounced back beautifully after that resounding thud, and now it’s time to do that again.

    Yost has a major challenge on his hands, perhaps the toughest of his tenure as manager in Milwaukee. We all know the team has the tools to excel. Now Yost has to get morale back up and convince his players that they can, and must, rise above the dire circumstances that have befallen this club. Yost must convince his players that everyone on the team, including himself, must admit their share in the blame whenever the team takes a loss, just as they must celebrate each and every victory as a team. If these guys are looking at each other and saying, “It’s your fault” for whatever it is they’re assigning blame for, they have real problems, the kind that champions don’t have. Emotionally the Brewers may not be ready to rise to the next level. Emotional cohesiveness is part of being a winner. It’s time for the leaders on this club, the vets, the manager, the coaches, etc., to step up and actually lead, instead of being satisfied with the status quo. It starts with a team meeting where everyone airs their grievances. If they aren’t led to the table for such a discussion, Yost is failing the team.

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