This is why I like Rickie Weeks so much

Posted by Steve

The dude just gets on base. He’s not hitting at all, and he still has a solid OBP. Once he gets his swing back he can be around a .380-.400 OBP player. 0-2 with four walks tonight, including the key two-out walk in the 11th which Corey Hart followed up with a game-winning triple. Walks make things happen, especially when they come at the top of the order. You hate to see Graffanino go down, but in a roundabout way having Weeks back as a starter could help the team. I really have high hopes that Rickie can get his bat going. When he’s hitting well, he’s right up there with Corey Hart as the most dynamic player on the team. He has a great eye, he has pop and he can fly.

Also I want to pat myself on the back a bit. In my post a couple weeks ago I proposed some lineup changes. On July 24 this is what I said I wanted to see against right-handed pitchers.

  1. Weeks
  2. Hart
  3. Braun
  4. Fielder
  5. Hall
  6. Jenkins
  7. Hardy
  8. Estrada

Here’s what Yost had on Friday.

  1. Weeks
  2. Hart
  3. Braun
  4. Fielder
  5. Hall
  6. Jenkins
  7. Estrada
  8. Hardy

Pretty much the same thing. Not surprisingly, I was pleased when I saw the lineup. Of course, I proposed this on July 24 while Ned waited until August 10. I’ll forgive him if he sticks with it for the next few weeks. 😉

Lastly, big props tonight to everyone’s goat for the last couple weeks: the bullpen. Linebrink (I’m liking the trade so far, for sure), Turnbow (two innings!), Spurling (I need something to say in parentheses… Way to not give up a homer) and Cordero (a clean save on the road) all pitched well. Linebrink and Cordero in particular were dominant.

Nice to end the small losing streak.


2 responses to “This is why I like Rickie Weeks so much

  1. You get credit for this one, pal!

    It was a sterling win last night, aided by Weeks and his ability to get on base.

    But I disagree with you about a four-game losing streak being small. At this point in the season even a three-gamer is big. We’ve been unbelievably lucky that the Cubs aren’t doing any better than we are right now, and are confronting some equally serious injury dilemmas just as we are. But getting tossed like salad in Denver with plenty of Ranch dressing on top of it was seriously demoralizing to me. The comeback win last night tells me that the Crew isn’t about to give up, and that is very “Hart-ening” (just in case you didn’t hear the interview with Corey after the game last night on XM). Look for Weeks to be a shot in the arm at Houston…otherwise, we’re in for a sour (not even bittersweet) September.

  2. steven, what is happening with this team?

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