I promise I won’t sell out

Posted by Steve

Before I even say anything, I just want to assure our (tens of?) loyal readers that I have no intention of abandoning BBKTUTH in light of my newfound fame. I’ll always remember my roots.

(In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m referring to the seven-second close-up FSN had of Glenn and me in the bleachers at last night’s game in the seventh inning.)

But moving on… I returned this evening from a fun one-day trip to Phoenix. We saw Dave Bush pitch a nice game and the Anti-Gwynn hit a grand slam.

That’s my trip in a nutshell. Here’s a more detailed description.

  • I have never felt such high temperatures in my life. It reached 111 degrees yesterday, which seems to be no big deal in Arizona. But to me it felt like I was in an oven. Everyone talks about the dry heat, and how you don’t really sweat, but I don’t really buy that after experiencing it myself.
  • It’s pretty random to see palm trees and cacti alongside roads, but it was definitely cool.
  • Phoenix establishments seem to use a similar technique to market their products/services: Attractive 18-24 year-old females. And there was certainly no shortage of them. As a PR major, I can fully endorse this strategy–Fred McGriff style.
  • Downtown Phoenix seems like a happenin’ place.
  • Arizona doesn’t seem to have fully bought into the Diamondbacks (Do they know they aren’t as good as their record? Somehow I doubt that’s the reason.) 12,000 on Monday night and last night there was 27k. 27,000 is a nice crowd, but I couldn’t tell it with my ears. Their fans rarely cheered, and it was almost as loud when the Brewers scored as when the D-backs did.
  • Nevertheless, they have a nice stadium. It’s definitely more “indoorsy” than Miller Park, even if their roof was open. But they have some decent deals on team apparel, a wide selection of restaurants inside the stadium, and some unique attractions like the swimming pool.
  • There was an awesome heckler. The half-inning after Gross hit the salami, the guy yelled to Gross, “Hey Gross! Is that your first home run of the year? Come on man, it ruined my night!” Then thirty seconds later, “Oh, well at least I hear you’ve been hot lately! Never mind!”
  • Not a whole lot else to say about the game itself, except that we figured out we had been on tv when a bunch of our friends started calling us. Kind of funny.

But anyway, time to go. The Brewers just broke Brandon Webb’s scoreless innings streak, so maybe they’ll have a chance. The Arizona offense just doesn’t scare me.


3 responses to “I promise I won’t sell out

  1. first of all, i am jealous because i miss phoenix. second, you are right: it is a happening town. next time, check out ‘the big bang’, a dueling piano bar in tempe. third, i canceled my cable, so i’ve just been listening to the games, but after gross’s home run, i received two phone calls and a text message either asking me ‘was that cubs’ or informing me that, in fact, ‘that was cubs’ on tv.

    (for the (tens of) other readers, cubs is – quite ironically – a nickname for steve, one of the biggest brewers fans i hope to ever know. there is no explanation as to why he wore a cubs shirt for our first couple intramural ultimate frisbee games (or, in that case, why he owned one) but he did, so the nickname somehow stuck. that is all)

    and now i will recede once again into my non-cable, non-internet life.

    go steve-cubs, but boo chicago-cubs

  2. to clarify, i was drunk for that comment.

    booyah, over and out.

  3. Considering the drunkenness, that was a very impressive use of parentheses.

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