That’s the last straw, Ned

Posted by Steve

Sorry Ned. That’s it. You need to be fired. Probably right now.

I’m hardly going to dwell on the stupidity of a sacrifice bunt with one of your hottest hitters with two on and nobody out down two. That’s not what had me screaming the loudest.

Has he ever looked at splits? Of course I’m talking about the decision to hit Kevin Mench against Dempster with the bases loaded and two outs.

He had Jenkins, Counsell and Estrada–all left handed hitters, and thus all much better options than Kevin Mench, available to pinch hit. This wasn’t even a managerial decision. You shouldn’t even have to look up splits. This was a NO FREAKING BRAINER.

I don’t care if he has the motivational influence of Tony Robbins. No major league manager allows Kevin Mench to hit there. I guarantee it. I have no idea what he was thinking, but I can’t wait to hear is post game comments.

I really, really cannot wait.



Apparently Ned does go by stats. He just puts more weight on 17 ABs than on thousands of career ABs by both Jenkins and Mench indicating he made the wrong move.

He said he didn’t use Jenkins because is 4-17 in his career against Ryan Dempster. Well, even if it was the wrong move to use Jenkins over Mench (it wasn’t), I’d still much rather see Craig Counsell up in that situation than He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Walked.

But instead he went with Mench because he “went with the flow of the game.” The flow of the game? What does that even mean? I honestly have no idea.


8 responses to “That’s the last straw, Ned

  1. Mench is a .215 hitter against right-handers and started only because lefty Ted Lilly was on the mound for Chicago. Geoff Jenkins, a .271 hitter against righties, was not summoned by Yost to hit for Mench.

    Yost said he didn’t consider the career numbers Jenkins (4 for 17) or Craig Counsell (1 for 11) had against Dempster compelling enough to make a switch.

    “I went with the flow of the game,” Yost said. “That was it for me. (Mench) was in the game.”

    Good God.

  2. i am completely sick of his “hunches.”

  3. I disagree. It may not have been the correct decision, but the bottom line is that Mench has no business swinging at the first pitch after the pitcher just walked in a run. This one is not on Yost.

  4. How bout the fact that the Brewers left runners in scoring position five times including twice with the bases loaded.

    They had chances but did not capitalize.

    “Flow of the game” …the flow of that game was set em up and leave em there.

    Yost did not lose that game, but in the 9th he did ensure that the crew was not going to win.

    And why did the JS pin it on Cappy in the headlines?

  5. Couple things. Tom Haudricourt really has something against Chris Capuano. I don’t get it. He pinned that one on Capuano yesterday incorrectly. He also did this in San Francisco. Vargas lasted 2/3 of an inning, yet the article was all about how Capuano got another loss.

    Then to address Peter’s comment: Good point. Mench did a horrendous job and I did not mean to overlook that. Thing is, Yost should have expected him to do a horrendous job in that situation…. Because he’s Mench’s manager. And he should know the type of hitter he is.

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