Wham! A homa! Wham! Another homa! Wham! Wham! WHAM!

Posted by Steve

I think I’ll just let these images say all I’d need to.



Tom Uhlman/AP

NL Central W   L   Pct3 Avg W Avg L Champions  Wild Card   Playoffs
Brewers    73  69  .506  83.6  78.4  55.56204     .15269   55.71474
Cubs       72  70  .498  82.7  79.3  35.68197     .19877   35.88075
Cardinals  69  71  .468  79.8  82.2   8.74349     .01297    8.75646
Reds       64  79  .463  73.1  88.9    .01223     .00000     .01223
Pirates    63  80  .426  71.4  90.6    .00020     .00000     .00020
Astros     62  81  .420  70.5  91.5    .00006     .00000     .00006

3 responses to “Wham! A homa! Wham! Another homa! Wham! Wham! WHAM!

  1. The most surprising piece of information from that post was that Houston is not yet mathematically eliminated. Go Brewers

  2. where do you get these standings with the playoff percentages? also, after todays game, gallardo has just under 170 innings this year. he obviously has 2 starts left in him for the year, but that only takes us to the end of the season. how is that gonna work for the postseason with him if the crew makes it? that makes me a bit nervous that the brewers could potentially be pushing him right to the edge if not just a bit past it as far as innings pitched goes.

  3. BP’s Playoff Odds: http://www.baseballprospectus.com/statistics/ps_odds.php

    As far as Yo is concerned, the Brewers are going to need to get creative. If they make the playoffs they might have to use him out of the bullpen.

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