Congratulations to Roy and Nicole Oswalt

Posted by Steve

Even the biggest of baseball fans realize when it’s time to pause and appreciate moments in life outside of the game.  Celebrating the miracle of life is one of those moments.  That’s why, on behalf of all of us at B.B.K.T.U.T.H, I would like to send heartfelt congratulations to the Oswalts on the impending birth of their second child.  Nicole Oswalt will deliver the baby on Tuesday via induced birth.

Naturally, the Houston Astros organization also understands the importance of these precious moments.  That’s why Roy Oswalt will be leaving the team for a couple days.  In fact, Oswalt will not be starting on Wednesday against the Milwaukee Brewers as originally scheduled.   This snippet from the JS:

 Instead of Oswalt, who is 14-7 with a 3.29 earned run average, the Brewers will get rookie Juan Gutierrez (1-1, 6.10), who will be making his second major-league start. In his first start Aug. 23 against Washington, Gutierrez was hammered for 11 hits and six runs in five innings.

Again, congratulations to the Oswalts in this ever-so-special time.


2 responses to “Congratulations to Roy and Nicole Oswalt

  1. Well the Brewers are turning up the heat right about now…the kid plays second fiddle.

    Bad timing kid, not during a pennant race.

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