Joe Sheehan is my homeboy

Posted by Steve

I first want to throw out a disclaimer that I am aware the Brewers were shut down by Jeff “Hellboy” Bennett tonight in a game they needed to win with Tim Hudson and John Smoltz looming in the next games. I’m also aware that tonight the Brewers fell 1.5 games behind the Cubs and their playoff chances are now quite slim.

I felt I had to say that before saying that I’m giddy right now.

Why’s that? Because Joe Sheehan of Baseball Freaking Prospectus devoted an entire column to Ned Yost’s ineptitude in last night’s game! That’s right. Ned was actually so bad that he caught the attention of a nationally renowned, critically acclaimed writer baseball writer who undoubtedly has a thousand other things to write about.

You have to admit that’s hilarious.


Ned clearly heard that he had been ripped all day today for not using Cordero. Haudricourt has his clueless response here.


“For me, it just doesn’t make any sense,” he said. “If your stopper comes in the ball game (with the score tied), he’s got to get six outs (to close the game if his team scores).

“So, if you put your stopper in the game you better hope you score the next inning so he can close it out. If you don’t score, he has to throw another three outs for you to have an opportunity (to win).

“If you throw your stopper out there for three innings and then you score, then you’ve got a decision. Do I throw him out there again and have him unavailable for the next three days? Or do I bring somebody else in?”

Wow. There are so many things here I could talk about. Let’s have a Ned Yost/Francisco Cordero cornucopia.

  • Ned is worried about pitching Cordero for two innings. Certainly that isn’t something you want to do. But, subthought…
    • Why does Cordero have to get six outs? Why can’t you use him to get out of a huge jam (like in the eighth with the lead) or to get through the heart of the Astros’ order in a tie game (like in the tenth)? Then… okay, Ned, I know this could be hard for you, but… USE SOMEONE ELSE TO CLOSE OUT THE GAME. He is more worried about the outs to end the game than he is about the outs that are needed in order for those last outs to even exist (it makes sense, just re-read it slower this time).
    • Ned said Cordero would be out three days if he threw three innings. One day, certainly. Maybe two days, but probably not. No way to three days.  Also, nobody would suggest using Cordero for three innings in a non-playoff game.  The fact that Yost even suggested that makes me even more concerned.
  • He keeps calling him the “stopper.”  Why call your closer a stopper?  Clearly, Yost does not see Cordero as a stopper.  He sees him as a saves-getter.  A stopper would be someone you use in situations with the game on the line.  A stopper is someone like Carlos Marmol, Joel Zumaya or Brian Wilson.  In other words, an awesome reliever who isn’t only used to get saves.  It seems ironic to me that Yost calls Cordero the very term that describes what his role should be.
  • Here’s my favorite quote: “Do I throw him out there again and have him unavailable for the next three days? Or do I bring somebody else in?” You just bring someone else in.  Worry about it when you get there, or you won’t get there at all.  Not that hard.
  • This doesn’t concern last night directly, or Ned in particular, but if the save statistic did not exist Francisco would have at least five more appearances this season.  Probably more.  That just annoys me.

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