So you’re saying there’s a chance…

Posted by Steve


So it’s still very long odds, but the Brewers aren’t quite dead yet.  Two blowout victories and one Cubs loss later, and they’re within two games with five left to play.  BP’s playoff odds entering tonight’s game was only about 6%.  After tonight I’d guess it’s probably around 10%.  An interesting fact I learned tonight is that two teams have come back from a 3.5 game deficit with seven games remaining to win their division, so it’s not totally uncharted territory.  Add in the fact that the Brewers are the best home team in baseball doesn’t hurt.

Either way, it was a good time at the game tonight.  The crowd erupted when the Cubs loss was posted on the scoreboard, so you know the fans are still into it.  Also Prince Fielder is just amazing, obviously.  He is going to terrorize the NL Central for the foreseeable future.

To reiterate, the odds are still very much against the Brewers.  But it’s at least within reach.  We’ll probably need the Cubs to go 2-3 to have a realistic shot, because if they go 3-2 the Brewers will have to win their last five (and I just don’t see a 4-game sweep of the Padres on the horizon, even at home).   Tomorrow’s game is a must-win against the crappy Cards.

Things don’t look good, but after last weekend I’m glad to even have games to be interested in.


2 responses to “So you’re saying there’s a chance…

  1. Damn son, I just checked and the Brewers are up to 14.2%.

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