Seinfeld Episode 3: The Robbery (NL Central Style)

Posted by Steve

CUBS: Oh, Brewers Brewers Brewers Brewers Brewers [said very quickly], listen, if, if you are feeling uncomfortable about this at all, at all: do not feel like you have to take it.


CUBS: If you’re having second thoughts, if you didn’t want it, don’t worry about it because uh, ya know, I, I…I could take it, ya know.  [said with a “for-instance-look” on his face]

BREWERS: You could take it? You want it?

CUBS: No, I don’t want it. I want it, if you don’t want it.

BREWERS: So you do want it.

CUBS: No I, I want it if you don’t want it!

BREWERS: You just said, you wanted it!

CUBS: No, I’m saying, if a situation arose in which you didn’t want it, I might take it.

BREWERS: [picks up the division title and hands it to CUBS] So take it.

CUBS: [refuses to take the title from BREWERS; CARDINALS looks worried] How can I take it?!

BREWERS: How can I take it?

CUBS: It’s your division!

BREWERS: How can I want it now, if you want it?

CARDINALS: Excuse me, uuhh, I don’t mean to cause any trouble here, but Cubs, if you take it, can I take your place?

CUBS: Yes, but I am not taking it.

BREWERS: I…am not taking it. [drops the title demonstratively]

CARDINALS: Well, one of you better damn well take it!


The Robbery transcript is from


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