At least we aren’t Mets or Padres fans

Posted by Steve

After taking a few days to avoid posting after the Brewers were eliminated, I am now able to at least see some silver lining.  Mainly that I am not a Mets fan, so I did not see my suffer a historical collapse; or that I am not a Padres fan, so I did not see my team come within one strike of a playoff birth only to be knocked out two nights later in a gut-wrenching loss on a blown play at home plate.

There is plenty to talk about with the Brewers this year.  Did they make strides or did they miss a golden opportunity?  Obviously you can say both, but I don’t think it’s as easy as saying that they’re a year away and they’ll only get better.  But I (or we… I believe Dan will be back at some point.  And Dan, if you’re reading: No rush, dude) have all off-season to discuss some of those things, and that’s even before we get into arguably my favorite part of MLB: The off-season and Winter Meetings.

For now I’m just going to take solace in the fact that the Brewers’ collapse came in July/August rather than late September.  At least they spared me the horrible heartache and nausea a die-hard Mets or Padres fan must be feeling right now.


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