Congrats to Roy Braun

Posted by Steve

Ryan Braun won the rookie of the year today in the closest race in NL History over Troy Tulowitzki.  Despite Braun’s completely brutal defense, I have to agree with this result.  He simply had a legendary offensive season for a rookie, and Tulo’s numbers away from Coors were largely unimpressive.

TH at the JS reports in their blog that only one second place vote went to a player besides Tulo and Braun:  Kyle Kendrick.  Some idiot gave fifth-place finisher a second place vote and gave Braun a third place vote, which was the reason it was so close.

Either way, this is pretty cool.  Good for Braun and the Brewers’ organization.

Now, to the potentially even better news…

Apparently Keith Law was on the Hot List and reported that the Brewers are almost for sure going to move Braun to left field!  Stay tuned, as this to me could end up going as far towards improving the Brewers as any move they make this off-season.


2 responses to “Congrats to Roy Braun

  1. I’m sorry, but who is Roy Braun?

  2. Roy Braun=Rookie of the Year Braun. Just a dumb thing I did.

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