Ned’s coffee addiction, the eradication of Gabe Gross and more from Dusty

Posted by Steve

This is getting some attention on the forums, but I noticed this myself when reading the Journal-Sentinel the other day.  Here is a blurb from the JS:

Cactus Juice: In the game Sunday against the Angels, first baseman Prince Fielder’s glove was knocked off by a hard, high liner. Fielder scrambled without his glove to pick up the ball and record the out. Asked what he thought of that play, manager Ned Yost had to admit that he didn’t see it. “I was getting a cup of coffee (in the dugout),” said Yost, who drinks about 25 cups a day.

25 a day?  How is he still alive?  How long has he been doing this?  No wonder he was so irritable last down the stretch last season.  Anyway, he was asked the next day about the crazy amount of caffeine intake:

“Why would you write that? I don’t drink 25 cups of coffee a day,” Yost said. “Maybe seven or eight or 10, but not 25. And why is that anybody’s business, how many cups of coffee I drink? That’s the stuff that (ticks) me off.”

Why does it matter if someone writes about it?  It’s not like someone asked how often he sleeps with his wife or has an irritable bowel movement.  Plus, his habit caused him to miss a play, which is why this came up in the first place.  Doesn’t that make it relevant?


Just when I was about to praise Ned for thinking outside the box with his batting order (more to come on this in a future post), he goes right back to something that doesn’t make sense.  He is going to start giving time in center to Gabe Kapler, Tony Gwynn Jr. and Gabe Gross.  He admitted, however, that he was leaning towards platooning Kapler and Gwynn because Gross isn’t as good defensively.

Shouldn’t this be obvious?  Use Hart in center, Gross in right against righties and either Kapler or Dillon against lefties (I’d give the edge to Dillon, but it seems he’s lost in the shuffle behind Gabe “The Body” Kapler).

Give Gwynn an occasional start in center—like maybe 4 in the first 25 games, but no more.  Gosh, I really don’t even want Gwynn on the team.  He has some useful tools, but if they use him like a starting caliber player he hurts the team.  Why couldn’t they just have traded him and spared me this frustration?  I was excited for a Gross/Dillon platoon, and instead we get Gwynn/Kapler.


Dusty Baker is already acting on his diabolical plan to dismantle yet another promising young team.  From

The approach that led to a .321/.360/.548 line and 17 RBI in 84 at-bats following his callup last season. “He needs to swing some more,” Baker said. “I talked to him about that. Strikeouts aren’t the only criteria. I’d like to see him more aggressive.” Baker doesn’t want Votto, Adam Dunn or anyone else taking called third strikes. “I really, really hate the called third strike,” Baker said. “I hate that. You’re guess and you ain’t ready to hit.”

I can’t wait until Adam Dunn demands a trade by June 1.  Johnny Estrada really missed the boat by not signing with the Reds.


Meanwhile, the Cardinals are in disarray.  Albert Pujols’s elbow is totally shot, to the tune of a torn ligament, bone spurs and arthritis.  Somehow he’s still able to play, but he’s been told he will need Tommy John surgery at some point.  I think it’s pretty doubtful that he’ll play the entire season, especially if/when the team isn’t contending.


We’re getting to my absolute favorite time of the year.  The snow is starting to melt, we turn the clocks forward and March Madness is approaching only to be followed by the beginning of baseball season.  This is one of the best Marches (hm, sounds weird) in recent memory in terms of how good Wisconsin teams are looking collectively.  Wisconsin and Marquette are serious threats to make a deep run, and the Brewers don’t suck anymore.  And it’s all in HD!  OMG!


One response to “Ned’s coffee addiction, the eradication of Gabe Gross and more from Dusty

  1. Thank you, Steve, for your comments about Gwynn, Jr. I’ve been trying to convince my friends for awhile now that the Brewers should trade him. Yes, he’s got some useful tools, but as much as I love a singles hitter who can run, I don’t want one who’s going to his .275.

    Otherwise, here’s to Ned upping his coffee intake…of course I wish no ill will upon him healthwise, but I sure wouldn’t mind Simmons taking the helm.

    Thanks for the always thoughtful comments…

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